A Beautiful Kid’s Story Of The Sleeping Beauty

A virtuous king and queen once reigned in a faraway land. If only they had a child, they would have been adored by the community and led extremely happy lives.

Years passed, and just when they had given up hope, the queen gave birth to a baby girl one spring. The young princess, who they called Aurora, was such a beautiful infant that the entire kingdom cheered.

Everyone was eagerly getting ready for the new baby princess’ christening. All the good fairies, along with everyone else who mattered in the country, had been invited to the baptism.

The rest of the kingdom was instructed to take the day off work and enjoy a huge feast complete with cakes and jams.

However, the king and queen had regrettably neglected to invite Grizzelstinki, a significant fairy.

A frightening fairy named Grizzelstinki resided high in the mountains. People made up frightful tales about her, scaring their kids into being good by threatening to call her if they were bad.

Everyone enjoyed a fantastic party at the palace on the day of the christening, and the baby received many nice gifts.

She received gifts from several people, including a small teddy bear to cuddle, a rattle to play with, and a book to read when she was older.

The most miraculous gifts, however, came from the good fairies, who bestowed upon her beauty, a pleasant disposition, a lovely voice, charm, friendliness, and a sense of humour.

The king, who was now looking at the queen, exclaimed, “Isn’t our daughter blessed to receive such exquisite things.”

Don’t be so sure, a terrifying voice screamed out.

The hallway was filled with a chilly wind. Grizzelstinki herself burst through the door as it suddenly opened.

The young princess was approached by Grizzelstinki. Everyone held their noses as she passed because the odour was so bad.

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Grizzelstinki hissed, “I haven’t given her my present yet.” “My gift is that as she gets older, she’ll prick her finger and sleep for the rest of time!”

After laughing horribly, Grizzelstinki vanished in a cloud of smoke.

When one of the good fairies placed her hand on the infant’s head and murmured, “I promise that she will not sleep forever,” there was a moment of stunned quiet across the palace. She will only slumber for a century.

The princess might prick her finger on something sharp in the realm, therefore the king and queen decided to forbid it because they were still very concerned.

As Aurora aged and the years passed, the people all but forgot about her curse.

Aurora made the decision to tour the palace’s interior spaces one day when she was alone herself and bored. She wandered through the palace, going from room to room, until she came to an old stone stairway.

She ascended the stone stairs repeatedly till she arrived at a room directly above a tower. She had never been in any other room of the palace but that one.

She opened the door and, to her astonishment, found an elderly woman inside, busy spinning wool on a spindle.

The elderly woman greeted her with “Hello, my dear.” I’m happy to meet you. She then tried to bow while standing up.

Aurora hurriedly responded, “No, no, please sit down; I don’t want you to damage your back.” “Can you explain to me what you’re doing up here by yourself in the tower?”

The little old lady responded, “Only weaving silk, my dear, to make you a magnificent dress.”

“May I please take a go?” Aurora politely enquired.

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The small elderly lady chuckled to herself as she uttered, “Of course, my dear.” “Let me demonstrate.”

With the spindle in her hand, Aurora sat down as the elderly woman started to demonstrate how to spin silk.

A spike on the spindle punctured Aurora’s finger, sending a jolt of anguish through her arm. The curse has struck! The wrath of Grizzelstinki was upon her!

Princess Aurora passed out due to Grizzelstinki’s birthday curse, which caused her to doze off completely.

And individuals in the palace started to doze off as well!

The kitchen cook nodded off, the palace gate guards collapsed to the ground and started snoring, and the maids curled up in bed with their feather duster in their hands.

The royal gardener eventually dozed off outside in the garden. (The royal cat simply continued to sleep because she was already asleep.) The king and queen also nodded off.

Over time, the palace was covered with weeds, brambles, and bushes, and a thick, black wood ringed it. There was nobody around to chop them down because everyone—including the gardener—was asleep. The people outside started to forget the palace had ever been there as it vanished behind the trees.

A charming young prince was galloping in the nearby woods on his horse one spring day.

He was familiar with the story of a lovely sleeping princess who was subject to a horrible birthday curse.

The wood was so thick that the prince had to dismount and walk; he even had to use his sword to cut through the thick underbrush!

Then, as he was slicing through the brush, his sword struck something solid out of the blue—a palace wall!

Could the rumours be accurate? Could this possibly be the lost palace?

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The prince started to scale the palace wall because he was curious.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he finally reached the top!

The palace was dozing off in front of him; the cook, servants, and guards were all happily dozing. In the overgrown garden, the gardener is still dozing off (and the cat was still curled up asleep of course). The queen and the king were still sound sleeping.

The prince started to look around the palace, his heart racing. People were sleeping in every chamber, so he continued to climb higher while peering through every door, until he reached a little room at the top of a tower that had a stone staircase.

Much to his delight, the lovely Princess Aurora was lying there when he pulled open the door.

The charming prince kissed her while squatting down. The entire palace awoke at the same time as her, yawning, stretching, and wondering how long they had been asleep.

The gardener woke up outside in the garden, the cook woke up in his kitchen, the maids woke up still holding their feather dusters, and the monarch and queen woke up on their thrones. (However, the cat stayed dozing off—she adored to doze.)

The prince woke up the princess and everyone else in the palace, and the king and queen were so appreciative that they allowed him to live with them.

Everyone lived happily ever after, and they were ecstatic!

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