A Beautiful Story About Bubbling with Happiness

Akito, a wealthy guy from Japan, entered an old shop selling curiosities one day. Akito was searching for a teapot so he could brew some tea. He looked everywhere.

He eventually discovered a teapot made of bronze that he loved. He bought the teapot and used it that night at home.

He scrubbed the teapot till it glistened like the sun later that day. He laid it out to dry before counting his coins. The teapot appeared to have shifted when he returned.

How odd, he pondered. “No one else is in this place. How is that even possible? It must have been in my head.

As he prepared to place the teapot over the heat and fill it with water, he heard an odd noise.


He gave a headshake. The hot water must have been the cause.

‘Ooooh! Ouch!’

It was repeated by Akito.

Who knows what it could be? He told himself that.

The teapot unexpectedly developed legs. It fled to the corner of the room after leaping from the fire. Akito observed the teapot’s transformation into a tanuki (a shape-shifting racoon dog). The transformation of his exquisite teapot into an animal infuriated Akito.

What a money-waster you were, he told the tanuki. If you can’t make my tea, what’s the use of looking like a teapot, I ask.

Akito chased the poor animal out of his house in rage over what had transpired.

“Run away!” He yelled.

Tanuki dashed out the door and onto the sidewalk.

The tanuki, who was alone himself and shivering in the cold, settled near some trash bins. In order to remain undetected for the evening, he changed back into a teapot.

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He hid for a few days while he deliberated his next move. The tanuki ultimately made the decision to return to the curiosity store.

For a tiny teapot, the trip back to the store was far. The tanuki had to stop frequently. He immediately fell asleep during one of the pauses by hiding by some trash cans at the entrance to an alleyway.

That evening, a man entered the alley. He went to explore after noticing the moonlight reflected on something metallic. Chikara, the man’s name, took up the tiny teapot.

He gave it a close inspection and saw that it had extremely attractive designs on it. He considered it unfortunate that such a lovely teapot had been left behind. To care for it, he made the decision to bring it home.

A pot was washed by Chikara. He cleaned and polished it before setting it down on a shelf. He was overjoyed with his discovery as he headed to bed.

Chikara was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud crash.

‘Oops,’ a tiny voice said.

Chikara took a seat.

He heard, “I didn’t mean to wake you.” When he blinked, he noticed his teapot morphing into a tanuki on the ground.

Chikara yelled, “Hello, tiny one.” I was unaware that you were a tanuki. You were going to be the one who made my tea.

He enquired as to how the teapot got to the alley where he had seen it. The tale of the evil rich man was related by the tanuki. Chikara tried to cheer up the little creature since she felt bad for him.

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‘If you want, you can stay here. I do not want you to return to living on the streets. You’ll become ill and chilled.”

The two had a happy life for weeks. With the kids, the tanuki played inside the home. They would dine and hang out in the evenings when Chikara returned from work.

The tanuki determined to find a method to pay the kind man back because he was so appreciative of him. He revealed to Chikara one evening that he had come up with a fantastic scheme to make the family wealthy.

Together, they erected an advertisement stand outside the house to promote the enchanted shape-changing teapot. Numerous people arrived to purchase tickets to witness the amazing monster.

As the throng gathered, they witnessed the transformation of a seemingly ordinary teapot into a tanuki. They exhaled. They were in awe of what they were witnessing.

The tanuki imagined he saw Akito one day after the show and recalled how cruel he had been. Chikara was describing how he discovered the magical teapot as he glanced at him. Tanuki was happy to have been discovered by such kind folks.

The show grew steadily in popularity from that point on until Chikara was able to purchase a gorgeous new home for his family and his new animal friend.

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