A Great Story About Stone Soup For Kids

A kind-hearted soldier was plodding down a dusty lane in a long-ago village near a creek. Due to the fact that he had been walking all day, his movements were slow.

Nothing would have made him happier than to enjoy a hearty supper. He thought to himself, “The person who lives here surely have some extra food to share with a hungry traveller like me; I believe I’ll go and ask,” as he passed a cute small cottage by the side of the road.

The soldier proceeded to the wooden door by passing the garden’s flourishing cabbage, potatoes, onions, and carrots.

He approached the front of the home and was about to knock when it unexpectedly opened. An old man was standing on the opposite side. He had his fists on his hips and a scowl on his face.

What do you desire? The old man spoke crudely. Still, the soldier gave him a smile.

My name is a soldier, and I’m from a nearby village. Hello. I’ve come to you to ask if you have any extra food that you could provide.

The elderly guy gave the soldier a thorough once-over before answering directly. ‘No. Now leave.”

The soldier was unfazed by this as he grinned and nodded once again. I understand; but, I guess I’ll have to have it plain. I’m only asking so I can have a few more components for my stone soup. Still delicious, though!

The elderly guy furrowed his brows. Stone soup, he enquired.

The soldier said, “Yes sir, now if you’ll excuse me…”

The soldier made his way to the centre of the walkway and removed an iron pot from his bag. He started to start a fire underneath it once he had filled it with water. He took a plain-looking stone out of a silk bag and ceremoniously dropped it into the sea.

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The elderly guy, puzzled, observed everything from his window.

Stone soup? he thought to himself. Surely, such a thing does not exist.

The old guy then came out and questioned the soldier, “What are you doing?” after having spent some time observing the soldier stir the water with a tiny stick.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a wonderful serving of stone soup, the soldier thought as he inhaled the steam rising from his pot and licked his lips. He said, “Of course, stone soup with a little salt and pepper is hard to top,” as he turned to face the elderly guy.

The elderly man reluctantly went inside, came out with salt and pepper, and handed it to the soldier.

The soldier poured them into the saucepan and said, “Perfect!” as he did so. But you know, I once tasted this fantastic stone soup with cabbage,’ he said, stirring it once more before turning to face the elderly man once again.

Then, the elderly guy went to his cabbage bushes and selected the most ripe cabbage before giving it to the soldier.

Oh, how fantastic! As he sliced the cabbage and placed it in the pot, the soldier remarked.

With a few carrots added, this soup would be fit for a king, the man observed after taking a good whiff of the pot.

I guess I can locate some carrots, the elderly guy said carefully, and he went over to his carrots and grabbed a few.

When the soldier was given the carrots, he was overjoyed. He sliced them up and gave the stew another swirl.

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So it continued. As he delivered potatoes, steak, onions, and other ingredients, the elderly man grew more and more enthused by the pot’s aroma. Up until he proclaimed the soup finished, the soldier himself continued to add ingredients like mushrooms and barley from his own backpack.

When the soldier offered him half of the soup, the elderly man grinned at him.

Why don’t you enter the house? He added pleasantly, “I have some fresh bread that I brought right from the bakery this morning that would taste fantastic with the stone soup.

The old guy and the soldier then enjoyed a delicious lunch together. They also shared a carton of milk that the soldier had pulled out of his rucksack. The soup was superior to anything she had previously tried, the old guy concurred with the soldier.

The old guy didn’t realise the truth until after the soldier had given him the silk bag containing the stone. The wonderful soup had never been made by the stone.

Instead, by cooperating and being kind, he and the soldier had been able to prepare a delicious supper that they could both enjoy.

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