A Kid Story About Dragons – Beware the Dragon

The country has entered the evening. Dame Sofia, Sir Thomas, and Sir Adi all had empty stomachs and weary feet. The group of brave knights needed a place to stay the night after a long day of travelling.

By coincidence, they came across a small settlement hidden beneath a massive, ominous mountain.

They observed how the shadowy mountain towered over everything as they entered the settlement. There was nobody in sight despite the glowing street lights. Every building had its windows and doors shut, and the drapes were pulled tightly.

What a peculiar village. Someone must be nearby,’ said Sir Adi.

The lights are on, so there must be something else, right? I have to find a place to stay because I can’t stand it any longer. Dame Sofia sighed and paused to touch her sore feet.

Sir Thomas, who had continued forward, saw a sizable structure with a sign that said INN in big red letters.

He called back to his pals, “There,” indicating the inn.

The three approached the entrance and listened as they approached. The sound of glasses clinking and soft conversation could be heard. Dame Sofia rang the doorbell. An elderly woman was visible when the door groaningly opened.

Don’t you realise you should enter through the back? The woman began. With a perplexed gaze, she asked the knights, “What are you all doing here?”

“Please find a place for us to eat and rest.” Please let us stay here. Thomas Sir enquired.

The woman opened the door for the three and closed it again. They discovered themselves in a tiny eatery where the locals were conversing and enjoying drinks together. The woman gave them some drinks and led them to a little table by the fire.

One of the locals shouted loudly. Yes, the dragon must have been here the previous evening. Only in that scenario could Ted’s home have burned down. His remarks spread throughout the entire room as they emanated from his grubby beard.

The three knights turned to face the individual.

An dragon? Sir Adi enquired.

The villager sneered, “Ugly great stuff.” Every night, “he comes down here to attempt to grab a supper.”

Do you recognise this dragon?

However, my uncle has. The elderly guy describes him as a large beast with claws and cold scales that is larger than a house.

Oh, stop talking; your uncle is a liar. His eyes are yellow, and everyone knows it! The man in the chair next to him spat.

Has he abducted anyone? Thomas Sir enquired.

No, not yet. The bearded man said, “Unless someone forgot to lock things up tonight. But how long do you suppose it will take for him to come after us all? Dragons are said to breathe fire. Windows and doors that are locked won’t keep him out indefinitely.

The locals stopped talking.

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The knights exchanged glances.

Can you think of any way we could assist them? Sir Adi mumbled.

Do you think we should…? Sir Thomas stopped before asking, “We could fight a dragon?”

We have to assist these folks, said Dame Sofia. She spoke to the audience while standing up. We’ll deal with it if this dragon is causing you any problems.

The locals were transfixed on her.

The man with a beard laughed. ‘Really? versus a dragon? Are you crazy? said he.

My title is knight. I don’t fear dragons. Dame Sofia gave him a stern look. His chuckle subsided.

Sir Thomas and Sir Adi exchanged glances.

Of sure, after supper, Sir Adi said.

Their dinner was soon provided by the innkeeper. They observed the other diners muttering and casting sidelong glances at them as they were eating. As soon as they were done, a chubby villager came up to their table.

The dragon resides in a cave at the summit of the mountain, if you truly mean it. An old acquaintance of my pa’s visited there once. He claims that bones are all over the cave.

We will be alright, we promise. I appreciate the advice,’ Dame Sofia added. The knights left the inn after paying for their dinner and getting up. They were moving toward the shadowy mountain. They lighted torches and proceeded to the summit by marching up an ancient, damaged route.

In the night, owls made noise. Dead trees and charred grass lined the walkway. On their skin, even the air felt scalding. They spent many hours climbing up. They finally arrived at the crest, where the dried grass gave way to the dark rock.

On the mountain summit, a crimson cave opening shone.

Do we have a strategy? Said Sir Adi to Dame Sofia.

Dame Sofia remarked, “We’ll need to take a look around the cave first.

They entered and discovered that the cave had a spiralling downward incline. They could see claw marks scraped over the floor and soot on the walls from the light of the torches.

Smoke permeated the atmosphere. The three continued to descend till they came to a rope-tied curtain made of some white cloth.

‘Bones?’ Thomas Sir enquired.

Sir Adi focused his gaze. Too transparent to be made of bone, the curtain.

Something like a rock, he murmured.

A roar tore across the atmosphere. It briefly sent the knights tumbling backwards and dispersed the white rock curtain.

Together, they pushed through the curtain as they regained their equilibrium to find themselves in a lofty cavern.

In the light of the fire, ore streaks on the walls sparkled in a thousand various colours. On the ground, gemstones of every size and shape were arranged in cairns.

A mountain of jewels in the centre of the area reached all the way to the ceiling of the cavern. The knights were in awe as they surveyed the wealth around them.

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Do you believe this to be the dragon’s residence? How could it have made such a magnificent place if it were such an awful monster? Thomas Sir enquired.

The modest fireplace was hidden behind a table and chairs once they navigated the cairns to discover it. On the tabletop, there were several tools, an odd pair of glasses, and diamonds.

The gem mountain sent out another roar. However, this time it was followed by an audible snore.

It must be nearby somewhere, replied Dame Sofia.

The three knights arrived and circled the glittering mass.

“Perhaps it’s inside of this?” Sir Adi enquired.

Then let’s begin excavating, replied Dame Sofia. The jewels were picked up and thrown aside by her. Sir Thomas and Sir Adi joined in, causing jewels to fly all over the place.

The furniture was struck by the priceless stones, which also dislodged the torches from the walls. The smaller stone cairns were knocked over when the diamonds at the top of the mound fell and crashed into them.

No dragon could be seen inside by the knights.

It had to be here, Sir Thomas thought. I am aware of that.

Dame Sofia found something scaly and crimson at that very moment. When she pulled on it, the diamonds fell away to reveal a dragon that was about the size of a large dog. It was covered in scales that sparkled like rubies and had a deep red colour.

The eyes of Dame Sofia expanded.

“Dragon?” she gasped.

The dragon suddenly came to life.

“Who are you?” Please allow me to leave. The dragon began. Her emerald eyes expanded and flitted all over the space. “My house?” How did you do that?

The dragon that was writhing in Dame Sofia’s hands was approached by Sir Adi and Sir Thomas.

You’ve been terrorising the village, aren’t you the dragon? Sir Thomas questioned the animal.

The community? They are too cruel for me to ever go there. I simply remain here and create jewellery.

The dragon pulled away from Dame Sofia as she turned to face the desk. The desk had disintegrated into numerous pieces due to the gemstone flood.

The dragon turned around and took the glasses in its mouth. She placed them on her snout and attempted to see through the glass, but discovered that they were irreparably damaged.

Dragon screamed in pain. She threw the glasses into the trash and buried her head in her hands. She balled up, sobbing, sending a few little fire sparks bouncing across the floor.

How did you behave? My spectacles are necessary for my vision. Everything was destroyed by you! You dumb humans ought to leave, she cried.

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The knights exchanged glances.

Sir Adi remarked, “This beast appears harmless.” She “doesn’t appear to have the spirit for it” and “I doubt she could haul off anything larger than a chicken,” the author says.

He gave the broken-hearted dragon a quick glance before raising his voice to drown out her wails. What can we do now that the peasants must have lied?

Dame Sofia turned to the crying being and said, “We must go back to the village and gather the people to help us remedy this.” ‘Stop worrying. We’re coming back.

The three knights hastily emerged from the cave and descended the mountain in the direction of the village. They ascended as morning broke. The locals were strolling the streets after emerging from their homes.

As many of them as the knights could find were gathered, and they recounted what they had seen and done.

‘Rubbish!’ One villager yelled in pain.

“That dragon is huge and lethal!” One more shouted.

Dame Sofia raised her sword in the air and said, “If you don’t believe us then, as knights of the land, we order you to follow us and witness for yourself.”

The peasants complained, but they understood they could not defy the orders of a knight. They were escorted by the knights out of the town, up the mountainside, and into the cave.

When they arrived at the dragon’s lair, they discovered it to be just as chaotic as before. In the remains of her house, the little dragon continued to cry.

“Is that the dragon, really?” the bald man enquired.

There isn’t another dragon in this area, stated Sir Adi.

The locals exchanged glances. One of the kids lumbered over to the dragon that was sobbing, flung his arms around it, and began to sob as well.

“Bad dragon. The little girl cried, “Poor, poor dragon.”

What did we do, you ask? Asked a peasant.

“The poor creature. Another person added, “We need to repair this.

One of the villagers chimed in, “I’m a carpenter.” You can have a new table and chairs made by me.

Another person said, “I’m an optician; I can fix your glasses.”

The dragon grinned as she raised her head. “I’m grateful.”

After exchanging glances, the knights marched out of the cave in search of fresh experiences. They left the village feeling assured of the transformation in the locals after bringing peace and justice there. They vowed never again to prejudge somebody or believe rumours out of context.

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