A Kids Beautiful Story About Be Truthful

A Kids Beautiful Story About Be Truthful: The son of a farmer, Pukhraj was a young boy who formerly resided there. The one issue with Pukhraj was that he frequently lied to his friends and family.

He would make up tales of monsters in the bush, or he would claim there were poisonous snakes in the fields, or he would claim he was too ill to work when he was in fact perfectly healthy.

Each morning, the little kid had the responsibility of taking his father’s cattle to graze in a clearing in the bush at the base of a nearby hill. Because he considered the cattle to be so monotonous, Pukhraj did not love his job very much.

He frequently wished that his life was more exciting and fun. But instead of excitement and adventure, Pukhraj was forced to perform the same monotonous tasks every day, which made the young kid bitter. And it was because of this animosity that cheeky Pukhraj frequently made up untrue tales.

The young lad decided to crack a joke with the villagers one day when he was particularly bored with caring for the livestock in the clearing.

Pukhraj reasoned, “I’ll act like a lion is attacking me.” The young youngster suddenly started screaming as loudly as he could. He shouted out, “Help me, help me.” I am under attack by a ferocious lion!

Pukhraj’s behaviour infuriated the locals, who cautioned him against making such foolish jokes. However, the mischievous child ignored these warnings since he was too busy giggling.

After some time, life resumed its regular course. Pukhraj took care of the cattle by letting them graze in the jungle every morning and bringing them back to his father’s land before dinner every night.

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However, the young Pukhraj continued to be restless and resentful of his monotonous life of work and routine. So he made the decision to use the same trick on the locals one peaceful morning.

He started to scream as loudly as he could once he had arrived at the clearing in the jungle and was certain that the timing was exactly right.

The mischievous child exclaimed, “I’m being attacked by a fierce lion! Help me, help me!” Please come to my aid!

To protect the cattle and the young boy from the ferocious lion, the men and women who were working in the fields at the village’s edge all ran up the hillside towards the clearing.

But there was no lion at all when they got to the clearing. Pukhraj was discovered laughing uncontrollably on the ground once more.

The mischievous child exclaimed, “You all look so ridiculous!” There isn’t a lion; I was only kidding, hee hee ha ha!

Pukhraj’s father was compelled to apologise for his son’s horrible behaviour because many of the villagers were furious with him and thought that he ought to be punished.

His father advised him, “You must not tell such lies.” The tiny youngster, however, was too preoccupied with giggling to give his poor father any attention.

Pukhraj noticed a faint rustle of leaves the next morning while he was relaxing in the shade of a large tree and watching the cattle graze in the clearing.

The small youngster turned to see what was generating all the ruckus and was met by a massive lion. The lion had intimidating eyes, large claws, and incredibly pointed fangs!

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As soon as Pukhraj could, he sprang up and attempted to flee the bush towards the settlement, but the lion stopped him in his tracks.

“Help me, please!” The young child cried out in the loudest voice he was capable of, “I am being attacked by a fierce lion!”

The people did not hurry up the hillside towards the clearing when they heard the young boy’s cry for rescue, though. No, not now. Instead, they carried on with their job in the fields as usual.

Because no one in the hamlet thought the mischievous youngster was telling the truth, poor Pukhraj was murdered by the lion that day.

The villagers did not believe him when he begged for assistance because he had exposed too many of his lies and had them laugh too frequently. You are caught in that if you tell lies.

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