A Legendary Story About Beauty and the Beast

A Legendary Story About Beauty and the Beast: There once was a trader who was having financial trouble. He resided in a little French village with his daughter Beauty. He left Beauty behind when he departed for a business trip.

He had to travel through a pitch-black forest on the way back. He searched for a spot to sleep because he was exhausted.

He approached the door of an enchanted castle after finding it. No response was given. The fortress was deserted when the trader sneaked inside.

However, there was a spacious, luxurious bed and a table covered in food dishes. He consumed a substantial supper before curling up in bed and falling asleep.

The following morning, when the trader awoke feeling revitalised, the castle still showed no signs of life. He was looking about when he noticed a colourful rose bush in the garden.

When he got home, he had the thought that Beauty might appreciate a rose as a gift. From the unusual bush, he stretched out and plucked a crimson rose.

Immediately, a ferocious and deafening growl was heard coming from the jungle. The trader was knocked off his feet and to the ground by something. Out of the undergrowth sprung a ferocious Beast. He frowned at the trader while towering over him.

His fur-covered neck was encircled by a protracted red velvet cape.

You enter my house, and you dare to take my roses? He booming.

The trader couldn’t speak. In fear, his features went rigid.

At that moment, a small voice yelled, “Father!” from a distance.

Beauty was it. When her father did not arrive home on time, she left to look for him.

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She hurried to the garden after jumping off her horse. She came to a standstill next to her father and fixed her gaze up at the Beast.

The Beast gave them both a glance.

“I’ll let you leave. Your daughter stays with me forever as payment for your wrongdoing, he hissed.

The father pleaded with the Beast to save them from such a penalty. Beauty, on the other hand, vowed to stay at the castle if her father was given the chance to leave prison free.

The Beast flung Beauty’s father out of the garden after picking him up in his paws. Father of Beauty fled to the village out of fear.

Beauty initially feared staying at the castle. She feared the Beast’s hideous appearance. Beauty quickly discovered, though, that the Beast had a good heart. He took good care of her, making sure she had food and was kept warm. While she was reading or exploring the castle, he would keep her company.

The Beast eventually proposed to Beauty after falling in love with her. Beauty declined, though, saying that she still missed her father and want to visit him.

The Beast then displayed a little magic mirror to the woman.

He said, “Ask the mirror to let you see your father.”

When the mirror lit up, Beauty’s father could be seen in the glass. He was in bed quite unwell and alone himself.

Beast, please let me see my father, he is dying, Beauty screamed out in terror.

The Beast consented to let Beauty leave despite the commitment she had made because he wanted to see her happy. Beauty was content at home while she was away for weeks tending to her father’s health.

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After spending some time at home, Beauty experienced a terrifying nightmare in which she witnessed the Beast’s illness. He was passing away in bed. Beauty feared the worst for him. The following morning when she awoke, she immediately ran back to the palace.

She recognised the bed from her dream, where the Beast was resting.

“Please!” she pleaded. Don’t go, please! I cherish you.

The Beast suddenly changed into a charming young prince at that point. He got to his feet and faced Beauty.

“I used to be a prince, but I was given this awful curse.” It could only be broken by true love. You’ve learnt to love me for who I am, and that has saved me. You didn’t only see a Beast when you looked at me.

Thrilled, the couple got hitched and had a successful marriage.

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