A Story About The True Beauty Kid Story

A Story About The True Beauty Kid Story: One day, Aadab yelled, “I want a baby, and I want a baby now.” I’m young, gorgeous, and married. Before I get too old and past my prime, I need a child.

Arinjay, her spouse, let out a protracted sigh. He said, “You can’t always get what you desire.”

But I need it right now! She yelled.

Arinjay eventually gave in, and the couple began trying for a child. They tried for years, but nothing changed. They prayed to the gods every day in the morning, noon, and evening.

They prayed to the neighborhood snake charmer as well, who was revered as a holy man who was inspired by the gods, but the pregnancy remained unfulfilled.

Because it was a recognised part of their culture and tradition, Aadab’s parents had picked her husband for her. But because Arinjay was so much older, Aadab had always been upset with their decision.

He had a nasty temper and wasn’t thought to be very attractive. Being one of nine kids, he always had to battle for the family’s attention. He had become a bitter and frequently very irate man as a result.

However, after thirteen years of marriage, both Aadab and Arinjay learned to be patient and composed, and with time, the couple began to deeply love one another.

Aadab’s belly unexpectedly started to expand one day. When the physicians learned that Aadab would give birth in just a few months, they were incredibly shocked.

The villagers’ ladies flocked to the scene the moment the contractions began to occur. They ensured Aadab was cosy by bringing him water and blankets. The birth, however, was marred by bewilderment and anxiety rather than joy and tears.

That day, a snake emerged from the young woman’s womb instead of a lovely kid! The snake had scaly, green, and grey colouring. Its eyes were crazy, and its tongue was forked.

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They were all so terrified that no one talked. However, Aadab took the snake into her arms and covered it in a cosy blanket since she had grown to appreciate kindness and tenderness over the years.

She addressed the people gathered around her, “I learned this lesson many years ago. Beauty originates within. There must be an explanation for why this took place. As I would with any child, I will adore this snake.

Aadab gave the snake the name Nagas and described her as being extremely precious and beautiful. Aadab’s attitude impressed the villagers, and soon everyone began to place a high value on Nagas. She was revered as holy. Everyone in the village thought she was gifted.

However, life was not as simple for Nagas outside of the hamlet. Bullying occurred, and she was made to feel awful. She didn’t have any pals and often stayed by herself.

Her parents determined that she should get married when she was older. They looked around for a husband but were unsuccessful. When the idea of the wedding was offered, the lads and men from the nearby villages burst out laughing.

What do you think we are, they demanded. “None of us will wed a snake that looks unattractive!”

Aadab and Arinjay looked everywhere for a husband to wed their snake daughter, but they finally came upon a guy by the name of Murali.

Murali was eligible and wealthy, but he had no wife because he hadn’t spoken since one of the dangerous lions that prowled the area killed his parents. Murali was so impacted by the tragedy that he was rendered speechless for all time.

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The small child merely shook his head in agreement when Aadab and Arinjay offered the marriage. He knew what it was like to be lonely and unwanted since he had been taunted and bullied ever since he had lost his capacity to communicate. The mute boy eventually wed the snake a few months later.

Everyone was waiting and watching to see what would occur. The young guy grinned and grew more self-assured each day.

Nagas the snake would frequently drape her lengthy body around his neck or coil around his knees. Nobody could quite figure out why the odd couple always appeared to be satisfied and happy.

One evening, a few of the townspeople gathered in front of the young couple’s window, and what they witnessed astounded them all.

The couple cuddled up next to the fire as night fell and the stars and moon filled the sky. The snake’s grey skin abruptly split open and slipped away as they were holding hands. Suddenly, there was a soft tearing sound.

A stunning woman emerged from the skin. The small child then spoke out loud, grinned, and held his wife in his arms. The people couldn’t believe their eyes when they heard them laugh and converse all night.

However, the kid lost his tongue once more the following morning as the sun slowly rose, and the female retreated back into her snake skin. Each night, it seemed like they were only free for a short while, no longer bound by their misfortune.

Before retiring to their houses, the villagers had to tell Aadab and Arinjay what they had seen.

They argued, “It is true, you have a lovely girl and your son can speak!”

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The following night, Aadab and Arinjay both snuck stealthily to their son-in-home. law’s They barged inside the home as soon as they heard Murali joking and conversing in order to see for themselves.

Nagas and Murali were both scared that the intrusion would shatter their magical enchantment, causing them to be permanently cast back into their respective roles as mute boy and snake, respectively.

However, Aadab snatched up the pile of skin that was on the ground and threw it into the fire, where it hissed, crackedled, and burned to ash!

The young couple waited in silence in the small chamber for their eventual end. The snake charmer then started playing his pungi flute outside the home in the quiet evening.

When Murali realised that Nagas had not turned back into a snake, he cleared his throat and remarked, “You look wonderful, my wife.”

And even if my parents are present, you are free to speak! yelled Nagas.

As the young couple hugged, Aadab and Arinjay wept with happiness. People travelled from far and wide to witness the lovely, happy couple, and there was a long-lasting celebration.

The snake charmer grinned and changed back into his regular shape high in the hills. After a brief burst of light, the Asiatic lion emerged from the forest’s flowers and plants and let out a powerful roar.

When the enormous lion hid his pungi beneath his paws in a shaded area of the forest, he realised that his due had been paid.

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