A Wonderful Story About A Boy Who Love Chips

A Wonderful Story About A Boy Who Love Chips: There once was a widow with several children living in a little house in a small village in the east of a large country. She was young, fairly attractive, and shared a little home with her parents, along with all of her kids.

Because there was a war going on and a foreign army had invaded their country, the family was extremely destitute and constantly hungry. In their backyard, they raised carrots and cabbage. The family also had a chicken, which produced eggs for them, but they were still hungry.

Due to the fact that all schools were closed, the kids did not attend. Even being allowed to study their own language was forbidden!

The kids were fortunate, though, because their mother had been the brightest student in the class when she was younger, and she was able to impart to them all the knowledge they need. She instructed them in reading and writing at night.

She also showed the oldest kids where the edible mushrooms grow in the forest every day. She demonstrated for them which plants were dangerous, which roots were edible, and even which ones had succulent leaves that could be nibbled. The kids were still going hungry.

There was a knocking sound at the door one morning when everyone was still in bed upstairs.

Don’t respond, Grandma commanded. It may be soldiers removing us from the area.

Don’t respond, Grandpa commanded. You might be detained for instructing the kids,

The kids yelled, “Don’t answer it!” “We’re terrified!”

“Be sensible. No soldiers are knocking! The widow walked downstairs to open the door after speculating that one of her neighbours might be in need of assistance.

Yet the widow was mistaken. There were two soldiers there when she opened the door. One fair and one dark, both sporting weapons slung over their shoulders and sporting grey outfits The soldier with light hair held up a big, filthy sack.

Oh!” the widow exclaimed.

We want to have chips for lunch because we are working in the fields today. He threw the filthy sack into her hands and said, “Here, cook these!”

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And we’ll be back at noon, the soldier with black hair added. Prepare those chips by that time, please. The soldiers then made their way back to the nearby farm after turning around.

The widow thought, “Chips.” How do chips work?

The entire family had by this point hurriedly descended the stairs to observe what was taking place.

What are chips, she questioned. But no one in the family, not even her Grandma and Grandpa, had ever heard of such a thing.

What’s in the bag, you ask? questioned the kids.

The youngest one questioned, “Is it a cat?

The eldest questioned, “Or flour?”

The most greedy person cried, “Or a gift from Santa!”

But none of those things applied to it. The widow found large, gorgeous, dirty, white-fleshed fresh potatoes when she opened the sack. The entire family exhaled in shock. Since their father’s deployment to war, they had not seen this many potatoes.

How am I going to turn these into chips? re-asked the widow. I have no idea what chips are!

Grandma’s turn to speak was now. She scolded her daughter as she took the sack, saying, “Don’t be silly!” They’re just potatoes, We are capable of making potatoes! For the soldiers, we’ll boil, peel, and scrub them. The peelings will then be used to prepare soup for us. Kids, let’s get started now.

Each child received a handful of potatoes from Grandma to wash and peel. After finishing that, she lit a fire in the grate and hung the largest cooking pot over it. She then added the cut potatoes and new water.

Every member of the family sat around the open fire and observed the water as it boiled.

Why did those soldiers cause such a stir? The youngest child pondered.

The oldest responded, “It’s not that special.

And that’s when the adults began to worry. Perhaps it’s not unique enough! Perhaps the soldiers will become irate!

Grandma suggested that maybe we might add some herbs.

The widow added more cabbage leaves to the soup and added, “And perhaps a few.”

And some mushrooms,” Grandpa added.

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The widow exclaimed, “Of course!,” and sent her two oldest children into the woods to gather the largest, ripest mushrooms, plants, and berries.

When they came back, everyone continued to add a few things here and there until they had a pot of the tastiest-smelling stew simmering and sizzling and sending luscious odours drifting throughout the small kitchen, making the kids’ bellies growl and their eyes grow big with hunger.

They questioned, “When can we eat?”

The widow covered the pot with a lid so that the troops wouldn’t be drawn in by the enticing aromas and replied, “When the soldiers have gone.”

At that very moment, the door began to ring repeatedly. It was 12:00 p.m.

The widow commanded her children to sit down and remain still. “And keep the leftover potato peels hidden so we can use them to make soup.”

The widow flung wide the door and welcomed the troops inside to seat at the kitchen table. The kids observed as the soldiers removed their headgear and sat down at the tiny table in the chairs.

Two bowls, two spoons, and two forks were used to arrange the table. As the widow moved the pot from the heat to the table, all eyes were on the troops.

As the stew was placed in front of them, the soldier with fair hair tore off pieces of rye bread to share with his friend.

What if they reject it? How will they proceed?

The widow removed the pot’s lid. She ladled the thick potato stew into their bowls as the troops both stared in shock.

This is what it is, eh? The troops shouted. We desire chips!

The widow explained, “This is how we prepare chips,” as the kids watched nervously.

This isn’t how to make chips, you know! As he wrestled the widow’s ladle and flung it back into the pot, the soldier with dark hair exclaimed.

The soldier with light hair yelled at his companion, “Sit down!” “I’m starving. We should eat.

However, I needed chips.

Well, at least give it a shot, his pal said. He then raised his spoon and gently blew, causing the vapour to coil around his hands.

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The youngsters observed condensation forming on his spectacles’ rims. The potatoes had a strong heat. Imagine if they were too warm!

Finally placing the spoon in his mouth and slurping through his teeth was the fair-haired soldier.

The soldier with brown hair questioned, “Well?”

Potatoes were spit out all over the table by the attractive soldier. He yelled, “What is this pigswill?”

In case the soldier planned to strike the widow, she moved backward. The youngsters hid. Grandma calmed the baby’s crying after it started.

He yelled, his face contorted in rage, “You’re serving us stuff that is only suitable for animals!” He stood up from the table and pulled the gun strap tight against his chest before slinging it over his shoulder.

As his thumb rubbed against the strap’s rough leather, the kids gazed in horror.

It’s our go-to recipe, so I’m sorry, the widow replied, moving farther away from the table.

Favorite dish! This is pigswill! He repeated it with nearly a chuckle.

Your favourite dish is pigswill, I hear! insulted the soldier with dark hair.

The soldier with fair hair exclaimed, “Come on!” to his companion. Leave this pig castle, please! Peasants are so stupid they don’t even know how to make chips! Ha!’

They laughed to themselves as they left the widow’s house, thinking how foolish the peasants were to not even know how to make chips.

When the family was certain that the troops had left permanently, they added the potato peelings to the pot and cooked everything together, adding additional herbs for flavor.

After that, everyone sat around the table and enjoyed the most delicious stew they had ever eaten, dipping large pieces of the soldier’s rye bread into the simmering broth until they were stuffed to the gills.

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