An Inspiring Story For Kids About The Bold Turtle

An Inspiring Story For Kids About The Bold Turtle: Even though the tales from folklore and fairytales are not always benign, we nonetheless see them through a tiny opening through which nothing can enter or leave.

There is a lesson to be learnt, mistakes are made, and lessons are learned. The point at which you decide to stop reading a fairy tale determines whether or not it is kind, just like it does in real life. This is something to keep in mind.

More lucky than others are certain animals. The crocodiles of the Agusan marsh are sly, the Calamian deer have antlers to ward off predators, and the Tamaraw buffalo are powerful.

Many people believe that birds are the most fortunate animals. Turtle undoubtedly believed this. He stood out from the crowd. This turtle complained that its flippers were not wings, but other turtles are appreciative that they can swim in the sea.

The majority of turtles are aware that their protective hard shells keep them safe from harm, but this particular turtle felt nothing but a weight on his back, meaning he would never be light enough to fly.

He only talked about flying, and by doing so, he drove the other animals insane by talking nonstop about it. He often talked about himself when he wasn’t discussing flying. This turtle in particular was not the best of company.

After he had gone on a particularly long diatribe about flying, one of the elders said, “You should be satisfied with what you’ve got.” With several scars covering his shell and numerous lines on his face, this senior was an old and wise beast.

The young turtles reported that this older had previously interacted with Bathala, the earth’s keeper. When Bathala first brought life into the world, this had occurred a very long time ago.

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Turtle was unconcerned that the wise elder would not confirm or deny this rumour. He was just interested in flying.

Turtle has few friends because of his fixation. The other turtles, who were content to swim and eat, did not particularly interest him. Because he was unable to fly, he was angry with all the birds.

But he was aware that he would want a bird’s assistance if he ever wanted to fly. He was wise enough to know not to interfere with them, so the only other option was to ask one of the Monsters of the Philippines.

Only humans were intelligent enough to request favours from the Aswangs and Wakwaks, and those who did so were never heard from again.

Turtle made the decision to ask a geese instead. You must comprehend that this occurred in the distant past, when animals conversed with one another. He was aware that geese are picky creatures. Since they weren’t extremely intelligent, Turtle believed he would have no trouble finding one to assist.

Turtle chose to approach the goose as she was leaving to rejoin her flock. The idea of attempting to train a turtle to fly, especially this turtle, did not excite her. It appeared to be a great deal of labour.

The geese explained to Turtle, “I’m quite busy and my flock is travelling for the cold season.” While this was somewhat true, the goose also sought to avoid offending him. After all, no matter how determined they were, turtles were unable to fly.

Turtle complained, “I truly don’t care how busy you are. I’m ready to take to the air right now.

To the goose, it was clear that the obstinate turtle would not accept no as an answer.

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She said, “Let me first ask my flock,” fully anticipating their response. She had the ability to take off right then, but she either had a large heart or a small intellect.

She expected a certain reaction from her flock, which is exactly what she received. Turtle made an absurd demand, and the geese all honked loudly in mockery at him.

One goose, who was more intelligent than the others, stated an unusual concept when the laughter had died down.

Turtle could hang on while we soared, he claimed, if two of us held a sturdy stick between us. He does have a powerful beak, so he could no doubt hold the stick while flying.

He would need to use extreme caution, he stressed. He would fall and be too heavy for us to catch if he let go, even for a split second.

Goose hoped that just the fear of hitting the ground would be enough to convince Turtle to abandon the idea because she didn’t particularly like it. But Turtle was adamant about moving forward because he is a very egocentric species.

Just keep in mind to grab on as firmly as you can and never let go, the goose said, for if you don’t, you’ll fall and we won’t be able to help you. With that shell on, you appear quite heavy.

Turtle said, completely preoccupied by his own excitement, “Yes, yes, of course.” He ignored any cautions since he was too preoccupied with the thought of flying with the geese. He was also considering how envious his pals would be if they saw him floating over their heads in the skies.

The two geese then flew off with a whooshing sound and a flapping of their muscular wings while Turtle’s jaw was clinched tightly down on the stick that was being held between them.

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Turtle, who had never flown before, was astounded by the variety of sights below him as the geese rose into the pure blue skies: the lovely jungle canopy, the twisting rivers.

Turtle was only further convinced by all he saw that he had seen much too little of the world. But selfish Turtle wanted to yell out to the creatures below rather than being humbled by the wonderful sights all around him and instead of just enjoying the experience.

The things he could see made him want to gloat and brag. In particular, he wished to shout down to the turtles who had predicted his inability to fly.

He then started speaking at that point. Do you recall when I said that fairytales and folklore are not necessarily uplifting? Now you understand why. Turtle falls at the conclusion of our story, but we never see him land.

Does he fall to the floor? He ought to. These things function in this manner. And if he does, well, our narrative has a lesson. Do you have any idea what the moral might be?

However, this is a folktale or a fable, a bizarre world where everything is conceivable and where there are intelligent, talking animals that act inappropriately.

So maybe he never lands for the sake of this story. In that regard, wouldn’t it follow that Turtle is actually flying if he falls for all eternity?

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