Beautiful Story About Half a Year from a Kid

Beautiful Story About Half a Year from a Kid: “Why does it rain here all the time?” Natalia enquired to her mom.

Natalia’s mother startled glanced up from her newspaper. She remarked, “It rains in Brazil too.” “Don’t you recall?” Although it is currently summer there, the winter will be rainy.

Natalia trembled as she peered out the window onto England’s soggy streets. At this moment, she found it impossible to conceive wearing a swimsuit outside and travelling to the moon.

The computer on the tiny desk in the library caught her attention once more. A dozen images of her buddy Rita on the beach were displayed on the television. Natalia had jealously since Rita was tanned and content.

It’s almost time to leave, remarked Mame. The library is shutting down. Complete your email, and then let’s leave for home.

Natalia sat down at the computer and completed the email to Rita, a friend:

Everyone in Rio is missed, but especially you. Here, it’s chilly and rainy. Your pictures are awesome.

Love Natalia xxx

After January, February came quickly, and Natalia soon heard from her friend Rita once more.

Hello Natalia

It’s sweltering here! Everyone here is preparing for Carnival. Uncle Rufino is once again playing the tambourim at the Samba School as I prepare my outfit. It’s very close now! Would that you were here.

Rita xx

Natalia sighed to herself, “Carnival.” Rio de Janeiro was in its prime at the time of year. As she worked away at the computer at the library, she thought, “I wish I was back in Brazil right now.”

Hello Rita

I appreciate your photos. I’ll be making pancakes at my buddy Emma’s place tomorrow in honour of Shrove Tuesday. Although we’ll sprinkle sugar and lemon on them, it won’t be like Carnival. Here, the weather is still chilly, and it appears to rain constantly.


The small girl heard the rain splashing from the car tyres moving up and down the road beside her as Natalia and Mame walked home through the pitch-black, rainy streets. To lift her spirits, she mimicked the sound of rain.

“Schwoosh,” “schwoosh,” “schwoosh,” Then she started pounding her foot on the puddled ground. “Splat,” “Splat,” “Splat,” etc.

Natalia thought she could hear the characteristic samba rhythm that she recalled hearing everywhere in Rio, played on caxixi shakers and other lovely instruments, above the schwooshing and splatting noises. Paf, Chuki-Chuk! Paf, chuki-chuki! Paf, chuki-chuki! Paf, chuki-chuki!

Natalia drove home while schwooshing, splatting, and chuki-chuki paffing to cheer herself up in the rain.

Hello Natalia!

How’s England doing? We went to the beach today, but we were short one for volleyball. We all missed you greatly because you are the best volleyball player among our relatives.

It’s still really hot here. To stay cool, I’m drinking a lot of coconut water. I captured everything on camera so you wouldn’t forget!

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Love Rita

Hello Rita

I wish I had coconut water! granola and açai juice, as well. But I miss cupuaçu juice the most. I wish we had cupuaçu in this place. Although we have melon and peaches, nothing compares to the taste of home.

Natalia xxx

As Natalia and her friend Emma sat in the after-school club room at the computer, spring was just starting to arrive in England.

“Emma, look at this!” Natalia exclaimed enthusiastically. “Rita emailed me some pictures of Botafogo playing Fluminese,” she wrote.

Emma stepped forward to the TV to get a better look at the images of men sprinting around in their vibrant sports gear. She questioned, “Who are they?”

Natalia responded, unable to hide the joy in her voice, “They’re Rio football teams.” ‘Brazilian football is the best! I’d love to take you to a game so you can witness it for yourself.

The audience goes wild anytime a goal is scored, and there are samba bands playing in the terraces! All of the crowds chant and sing along as the bands play so loudly. It resembles a large party. See, I’ll demonstrate!

To demonstrate Emma, Natalia conducted a web search and came upon a video of a Brazilian football game. The large surdo drum, which banged out a rhythm the loudest of all, made the scene particularly loud and colourful. Boom, ba-boom, boom Boom, ba-boom, boom Boom, ba-boom, boom!

More football game videos from Rio were sought after by the two females. Through the screen, they saw the city come to life. The colours on the walls flickered and danced as the sounds spread across the classroom as it became darker.

Natalia made an effort to put herself back in the apartment she lived with Rita, her two cousins Alicia and Marina, and Aunt Susana and Uncle Feliciano up on the hill.

The girls usually enjoyed gazing out over the city at night, and the room was always warm. Natalia now felt quite far from home, which caused her to feel quite depressed.

As the seasons transitioned from spring to early summer, Natalia was frequently awakened in the early mornings by a milky light sunshine that peaked through the curtains of her bedroom window.

It wasn’t as hot as Rio, and everything shimmered. Insects hummed in the flowerbeds of the park near the school, bees foraged for nectar to make honey, and Natalia noticed that everyone appeared to be grinning more now that the sun was out.

Dear Rita,

At school today, Emma and I played tennis. It’s a lot of fun! Since Wimbledon is taking place here, tennis is a big deal. At school, we were able to watch it while enjoying strawberries and cream. It was a lot of fun. Finally, the sun is shining, and it’s pretty lovely!

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Hello Natalia

Remember that we also have tennis here? However, I dislike playing in extremely hot weather. It sounds like you’re having a good time in England, but it’s even better here!

Here are some images of Joo and I from our trip to the Botanical Gardens with our class.

Natalia was irritated with her friend Rita after reading this most recent email. Rita seemed to be gushing about how much better things were in Brazil all the time, despite the fact that she must be aware of how much Natalia missed her family and home.

The two buddies eventually got into an argument and decided not to correspond with one another for a while. Natalia was sad that her friend Rita was so callous since she then understood more than ever how challenging it was to move away from home and adjust to a new culture.

Summer was hot, school was out, and Natalia was by herself. Mame was always at work while Emma was in Scotland visiting her grandmother.

Natalia missed her home a lot and was bored. She had become weary of watching the same television programmes over and over again—the ones with idiots singing ridiculous songs while dressed as fuzzy monsters.

She even found drawing to be boring. She could only only imagine drawing the beach in Rio with people enjoying coconut water while lounging under umbrellas, playing volleyball, or surfing in the warm sea. It depressed her.

Natalia had been taught by Mame how to lock the front door so she could go to the library whenever she pleased.

This gave Natalia a feeling of maturity, but every time she went to the library and used the computer, she was saddened to see that Rita had not sent her any emails. Natalia was really angry that they had gotten into a fight and that she had missed getting news from home.

But one day, Natalia’s English friend Emma sent an email, not one from Rita.

Hello Natalia

What’s up? My mother wondered whether you might wish to visit my granny and I the following month. Scotland is enjoyable, and my grandmother is a lovely elderly woman.

Love Emma

Natalia was in awe of her good fortune. She hurried back to her house and waited for her mother to get home from work before she asked to go to Scotland.

Scotland was very dissimilar than London. Grandma Emma resided in a small village by the sea. They visited the beach in the evenings while it was still bright for a considerable amount of time.

You could pick raspberries whenever you wanted to eat them because they were growing in the hedgerows. Natalia was shocked when Emma took flowers right from the bushes for the first time because she had never seen them grown wild before.

Natalia saw the water on the first day, which was even more excited than finding wild raspberries!

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She cried out, “The sea, the sea.” We should dip our toes into the water. Natalia kicked off her shoes and hurried in the direction of the waves before Emma could stop her. Natalia screamed in shock as the crystal-clear blue water whirled around her ankles.

“It’s freezing!” She screamed at Emma.

Emma chuckled, “I tried to inform you, but you ran in too quickly! Not at all like Rio. Scotland’s water is extremely chilly.

Their toes became numb from the cold as they skipped in and out of the surf and watched the waves crash against the rocks. Natalia recalled playing on the beach with Rita and Joo and the other cousins back home as she experienced happiness for the first time in a very long time.

She thought to herself, “We could sail all the way around the coast of Scotland and across the Atlantic Ocean in that little boat,” when she noticed a little boat tethered to a tiny wooden jetty farther down the beach.

After passing through Mexico and America, the water would start to warm up, and ultimately, we would wash up in Rio!

Natalia pictured how everyone would be ecstatic to see them, and they would enjoy feijoada and moqueca while sipping cupuaçu and açai juice.

Like the celebrations after Botafogo scores a goal on the field, a band would be playing to welcome them. Splat, splat, chuki-chuki-paf, chuki-chuki-paf, schwoosh, schwoosh!

Natalia and Emma played till the sun started to set. They discussed the distinctions between England, Scotland, and Rio.

They spent their time exploring, strolling, and chasing each other up and down the beach until they were worn out. The two buddies then went home for dinner once nightfall had arrived and there was a chill in the air.

Natalia reflected on how fortunate she was to be able to learn about other cultures and make new friends so far from her home that evening as she curled up in bed in Emma’s grandmother’s small coastal cottage.

Even though Scotland’s sea is frigid and England is damp, she reasoned, there is always much to admire and learn about in other people’s cultures.

Natalia made a promise to herself before she went to sleep that night that she would write to Rita and apologize for their pointless dispute as well as tell her all about Scotland, the tiny cottage on the coast, and how she was even hoping for snow in England that winter. Natalia had never witnessed that in Rio de Janeiro!

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