Gori Nagori Haryanvi Dancer Lit The Stage On Fire

Gori Nagori Haryanvi Dancer Lit The Stage On Fire

A well-known dancer from Haryana is named Gori Nagori. Everyone, young and old, spent their lives on this dance. She has also been dubbed the Shakira of Haryana after watching the Gori Nagori dance.

Nobody gets tired of applauding her dancing skills. Every day, she posts her videos on social media. People want to watch Gori Nagori perform on stage over and over because she is so talented.

Her compelling performances are so well-known that as soon as his videos are released, they go viral. Along with Haryana, the Gori Nagori style has spread to many other nations.

With her presence, Gori Nagori cools down the entire environment. His Thumko has captured the hearts of many. Trending is one of his tracks. This song is receiving a lot of praise from the public.

You can notice in this song by Gori Nagori that when she dances, she performs such dance moves that people can’t keep their eyes off of her.

She slips while dancing in such a situation, but she works the slip into the dance.

Gori is looking especially gorgeous in a green suit this time. She is no less than any Bollywood actress.

She is also seen in this position competing against Sapna Chaudhary, the most well-known dancer from Haryana. She is often referred to as Sapna Chaudhary’s second avatar.

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