Hottest Web Series On Mx Player: You Can’t Handle

Hottest Web Series On Mx Player: You Can't Handle

Romantic comedies and sensual TV shows, regardless of quality or overall presentation, are the most popular online series on MX Player right now.

We’ve done the research for you and found the best content because selecting the perfect one to watch can and always will be a challenge. You should absolutely watch the following top adult Hindi web series on MX Player.

The majority of movies today are released on OTT platforms. The popularity of web series has grown ever since the advent of digital platforms. These days, the most crucial parts of web series are the steamy and private moments. Here is a list of the most popular web series available on Mx Player.


This web series’ narrative is incredibly compelling. Kanika Mann’s character, Prisha, who is 19 years old, falls in love with Arjun Bijlani’s character, Saver, who is 35.

On his birthday, Saveer lost Ishaanvi, the love of his life, who was portrayed by Yuvika Choudhary. Prisha’s love has no boundaries at this point, and Saveer persuades her that “forever is a lie.” After being betrayed by her first love, Prisha leaves him in this web series and falls in love with Arjun Bijlani.

Hello Mini

A young girl named Mini and her stalker, who is both a blessing and a curse, are the subjects of the online series Hello Mini.

The main character in the suspense play Hello Mini, Rivanah, lives alone in Mumbai and has the ideal life—from adoring parents to a close lover and a respectable career.

The Novoneel Chakraborty and Croctales novels served as the basis for the Faruk Kabir-directed television series. In the web series, Anuja Joshi portrays the title character Mini.

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But when she learns that someone is keeping tabs on her every step and attempting to take over her life, everything changes. At first, she thinks it’s a hidden admirer, but things quickly get out of hand.

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You shouldn’t watch the MX Player series Mastram with your family. This web series has gained a lot of popularity because of the provocative scenario.

This online series is quite popular among viewers. In the series, Rani Chatterjee and Kenisha Awasthi have gone beyond their comfort zones in terms of providing daring situations.

Montu Pilot

Since he was a young boy, Montu, the series’ protagonist, wanted to be a pilot. His mother made every effort to remove him from Neelkuthi’s red-light district, but she was tragically killed in the process. Montu develops into a pimp and escort transporter, yet he is unable to experience love or other strong emotions.

Ratri Ke Yatri

The MX Player collection Ratri Ke Yatri has five distinct, thought-provoking stories that are all set in red-light districts. Each narrative centres on a character who is going through a challenging moment and seeking something, whether it be love, sensual pleasures, safety, or just closure.

Paying Guests

Bengali comedy-drama web series Paying Guest features Swastika Mukherjee. A six-year-old boy is the main character, and his landlord marries him to a stunning woman who is 20 years his junior.

When the fiery newlywed bride taunts sexually excited virgins who are only hoping to get a chance to speak with her, the show’s hilarious moments happen.

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It can either be humorous or catastrophic to have the bride and her middle-aged husband live with a group of six men.


Amruta Khanvilkar plays the violent, remorseless serial killer Lovina in the psychological crime thriller Damaged, while Amit Sial plays the merciless, irate, and gun-happy detective Abhay.

With both of the key actors portraying flawed characters who have various shades, the show offers an intriguing investigation into human behaviour.

Worlds of the “Damaged” characters clash, leading to an intense showdown. On MX Player, it is among the finest adult Hindi web series.

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