Kid’s Favorite Story About The Harlequin’s Mask

There once was a youngster by the name of Harlequin. He resided in Bergamo, an Italian city in the north.

Poorness plagued Harlequin and his mother. They had a little home where they lived alone. Nevertheless, Harlequin’s mother used what little money she had to send him to school.

They were so impoverished that Harlequin was unable to participate in the carnival costume party that the class teacher chose to host. Only the clothes he wore to school belonged to him.

The students of Harlequin discussed their costumes for the party and their masks. They were happy. Harlequin was unhappy and watching from the sidelines. He was aware that his mother couldn’t afford to purchase a costume for him.

When they saw how dejected and hopeless Harlequin was, his classmates and teacher decided to offer him a gift. He received a colourful piece of cloth from each of them. The colourful scraps came from crafting the costumes for all the other kids.

Harlequin was startled and grateful for the gift, even if he had no idea what to do with all the pieces of cloth.

He informed his mum about it when he got home. She was a smart, original woman. She gave it some serious thought and came up with a plan for the fabric scraps.

She immediately sent Harlequin to bed after dinner and waited for him to nod off. She then put her sewing-related spectacles on and got to work on her project. All night long, she repaired and stitched.

The sun rose bright and warm the following morning, the party’s day. When Harlequin awoke, he discovered a gorgeous outfit constructed of every piece of fabric he had brought home on his bed.

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Harlequin was so happy that he almost started crying. He repeatedly expressed gratitude to his mum. He ran to school after donning his stunning new costume.

Everyone was amazed by the costume’s beauty and cheer when he came. The most admired costume during the party was Harlequin’s. The day was great.

The kindness of his friends made it feasible for Harlequin to create his outfit, and his mother’s thoughtfulness and ingenuity made it fantastic. It gained international renown.

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