An arbol lay far below the waters of the ocean.

in bed dreaming of narwhals all night long.

a dream that kept swirling around in his head

the desire to swim up to the sky

above, the Sun’s colourful illumination he

simply knew he would love but normal people never

swam so high that their fins were way too big

tiny, with floppy, thin tails.

This was of no assistance to this Narwhal.

liked his fence and did not have any issues

his tail, so he was aware of this when he awoke.

I’m swimming because I couldn’t or wouldn’t fail.

atop the waves to observe the sky

blue I’ve never even attempted to watch it,

It’s time for me to finish the other narwhals.

He was told not to swim so high.

as did the family of Bligh fish, who always

no novels have ever swum that, swam close by.

Simply put, it’s not done in real life.

may decide to travel, but we are aware

You’re not the only one that novels lack.

Do you think all of Bligh’s fish are flappers?

have no kagaz like the swimming

Ganga loo spoke, but the narwhal ignored her.

and he went away from his companions

Bligh fish family couldn’t ever be so foolish.

Having a change of heart, he swam up past the

boulders composed of gooey, spongy material

soared right over the flock of circling

supplying theible His fins were Fache

Despite growing weary, he knew he couldn’t

stop, so he kept trying to swim faster.

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difficult to climb right now a hungry

With his fin, Worrell deflected the narwhal.

Taking hold of his tail, he brought

up to his chin in him Never have I

This would typically be a wonderful dessert, but

You’re far too bony and frail to be a fish.

to eat, therefore the narwhal continued to do so.

swimming and resisted stopping until

He could hear the sound of a massive bubble.

He noticed when he turned around that he was in a

some difficulty because of the sound he heard

equivalent to a silver sub-level

The narwhal attempted to flee to a place that

He might remain in safety, but the sublevel

spotted him and immediately turned to face him.

Oh just don’t eat me up, Mr. Subbable

I’ll bring a tasty plant to lunch.

instead, sit down and have some snacks.

Never have I saw an arbol attempt to swim.

This high before what is it seems suspicious.

that you’re searching for up here if I

If I could only look up once, I’d be happy.

ecstatic fish perform a flip over the

My sole wish would be waves, sorry.

Stupid Narbo, but I can’t let you leave because

Substituting a level for meals is appropriate.

remained below the narwhal and ducked in.

terror and trembling from the end, but then

He noticed a school of shiny fish

The dismal Glen swam to the right.

passed the narwhal and the sublevels face

took a sad fin and hurriedly departed.

It caused the narwhal to swim higher

but he didn’t realise it till he saw some light.

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Undoubtedly the Sun, and what a sight it was.

Sleeping lying on a plank was near by.

He massaged his enormous tummy as he did so.

The narwhal grinned as it daydreamed about a snack.

jokingly declared that his fins were swimming.

He did not observe the plank awaken.

was busy beaming.

The narwhal nearly reached the

the ocean’s surface, but the plink chomped

swooped down and swallowed him like a pea

The narwhal was sitting on the plink.

silently sobbing, thinking he would never survive

Was there any need in attempting the

Narwhal realised he was very close to giving up.

I acknowledge that there must be a solution today.

There must be a way to get out of here,

The narwhal attempted to swim around inside by

really difficult to think when he was doing his

The plank was being tickled by a floppy tail.

Plank couldn’t move because he was so ticklish.

He attempted to contain it and disguise his

Finn chuckles with his enormous plink.

His mouth was open for the duration of the

To escape, the narwhal swam so quickly that the

Plank was too busy eating to see.

high above the ocean’s surface

Narwhals live in the Bligh fish area.

Families and water gnomes that dance

more than the swimming Grimy and ganga loo

dumbbell finished

Over the waves, an arbol flipped, and at the son, grinned.

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