Read a Beautiful Story About A Kid And Alfredo

Read a Beautiful Story About A Kid And Alfredo: Ants lack ears and nostrils, and despite having mouths, they are unable to talk. Instead, they have two lengthy feelers called antennae on their heads.

These antennae are amazing small devices that are crucial to an ant’s daily existence. Ants utilise them to detect odours, detect ground vibrations, and exchange messages with other ants.

Ants rarely get any rest. They instead take brief “power naps” that only last a few minutes at a time.

For Alfredo, these brief breaks were the highlight of the day. Without having to think about work, he felt the most at ease while taking naps.

Eight was Alfredo’s age. He was precisely eight years, four months, and thirteen days old. Alfredo was a middle-aged ant, even if eight years, four months, and 13 days seemed very youthful to you and me. Having reached middle age, Alfredo had already completed half of his life.

A follower ant, Alfredo. He felt unimportant because almost every follower ant in his colony was a follower ant.

There is a crucial fact regarding ants that you should be aware of: there is a queen ant, finder ants, and follower ants in every nest.

The trails that finder ants leave behind can leave a very strong and intense odour. Then, to locate the food, the follower ants use their antennae to follow the scent trail. They gather any food they come upon and bring it back to the nest.

A finding ant finds it amusing because it never knows what it will find when gathering food. The food is distributed at random in terms of size, weight, and placement.

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This required Alfredo to walk a lot—on average, 5,000 metres every day. That would be the same as a person running three marathons every day!

Finder ants were widespread in Alfredo’s nest. Because of their stellar reputations, followers aspired to be like them. Finders received special treatment, including more leisure time and nicer meals.

Because of all the extra food, finders outgrew followers in size and strength. This could be problematic since the finders would become overbearing at times. They frequently believed they were superior to everyone else and could do anything they pleased.

Alfredo still desired to be the ant who discovered the largest and tastiest portions of food. He had a dream that he came across a red apple, fresh and ripe, untouchable by anything or anyone. He had visions of chomping down on that apple and continuing to eat until he was stuffed to the gills.

Alfredo’s preferred fruit was the apple. He cherished their juicy, crunchy, tasty, and sugary goodness. He found that eating apples always provided him more energy.

Alfredo frequently daydreamed. He would daydream of becoming the colony’s most prominent and accomplished finder.

He used to fantasise of having jaws that were 20 times bigger so he could eat five or six mouthwatering apples at once. He grinned ear to ear at the mere thought. He cherished these notions and concepts so much that he even daydreamed about the comforting moments when he could daydream!

Alfredo once had a daydream while taking one of his quick power naps that would forever alter his course of events. It was a wonderfully fantastical but yet terrifying concept.

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The colony had been Alfredo’s entire universe. For the eight years, four months, and thirteen days that he had been alive, it had been the only life he had ever known. Alfredo, though, had a key realisation all of a sudden.

He reflected, “I have grown so focused on what was happening in my little universe.” I completely lost track of the rest of the world.

Alfredo’s life’s work has been to bring happiness to other ants. The food the followers had brought back to the nest will be devoured by the queen and the finders, leaving just scraps for Alfredo.

Who mandated that it must be this way? Alfredo reflected. Why don’t I… simply do it if I want to locate the biggest, crunchiest, juiciest apple?

For the first time in his life, he understood that putting his happiness first was important. Halfway through his life, he realised that if he didn’t do something right away, he would only be spending time being unhappy and bored. Alfredo was resolved to follow his goal and leave the nest.

So Alfredo embarked on his expedition while his tummy was filled with butterflies and his head was vibrating with enthusiasm.

He walked away from the nest’s entrance as though he were leaving for work. Alfredo took a different route than he would have at his job, following a trail. He did not leave a trail in his wake as a finding ant would.

I must be insane, Alfredo reasoned. He moved in the direction of a group of trees off in the distance without turning around. Alfredo came to the conclusion that the only thing that makes life worthwhile is the pursuit of happiness.

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