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Harjit Singh waited for his luggage to come while perched on a bench by the airport carousel. He wasn’t used to the temperature and was also exhausted and cold. It was 37 degrees in Amritsar, India, where he originally from! It was only fourteen degrees in Paris.

“Hurry up, Harjit!” his father yelled. The driver won’t be able to hold out much longer for you!

Harjit was somewhat agitated. He was reluctant to travel to Paris. He wanted to stay in India with his pals, but they had to leave the country and start over because his father had received a job offer in France.

Harjit was still waiting by the luggage carousel when he felt like he was being watched. As he turned to look around, he noticed a boy who appeared to be around the same age as Harjit—ten years old.

The boy was annoyed and embarrassed because the boy was staring at his turban. Harjit approached the carousel in a furious manner and noticed a large bag that resembled his own.

Even though he wasn’t quite convinced the bag was his, he took it. All he knew was that he needed to leave the airport and escape the prying eyes.

Harjit stared out the window as they sped toward their new flat, noting how different everything appeared from the way it did at home. It was more clean. There were numerous stunning, large structures with sculptures on top and gold paint all over them.

The ground was drenched with rain, and the sky was exceedingly gloomy. He observed many individuals conversing and having coffee while sitting outside of stores. Harjit slid down the window to listen as the vehicle came to a stop at a set of traffic lights.

He thought to himself, “They talk really strangely,” but he recognised that this was all a part of the experience. As they left India, his father remarked, “You will gain from this.” There are so many of your pals who would kill to visit Europe. You shouldn’t feel frightened. An adventure it is!

Harjit noticed an odd type of silence on the road as the automobile continued to travel. He observed, “The cars are not honking at each other in Paris.”

There are numerous cars, but they are all travelling in orderly rows in distinct lanes. The automobiles aren’t even getting stuck; they’re just rolling along. India is not at all like this!

As they proceeded to travel through the city, they eventually came upon a large, odd metal structure where many people were gathered, taking pictures.

I wonder what that is; perhaps it resembles the Taj Mahal or the Golden Temple, where tourists from all over the world travel to snap pictures.

As a man riding a bicycle crossed the road in front of them, the automobile abruptly stopped. The child had to smile to himself when the man waved his hand in appreciation. He reflected, “This is a really odd country, where cars stop for pedestrians to cross the roadways!

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As soon as the family got to their new flat, Harjit’s father told him he had to get to bed because it was already late and the next day was his first day of school.

Harjit went to his new room and locked the door behind him while pouting. The small youngster was once more in awe of his new surroundings when he finally entered the building, though.

With enormous windows lining one wall of the room, it was a very large space. Even Harjit and all of his buddies stacked on top of one another wouldn’t be able to reach up and touch the ceiling because of how high it was.

The young youngster was also distressed by this thinking because it made him miss his family and friends. He jumped into the bed and buried his head in the pillows while sobbing since he had no other options.

The next morning, just as dawn was beginning to fully emerge, Harjit awoke and realised that it had not been a bad dream at all—he had actually been in Paris. He wriggled out of bed and peered at a few individuals through the window.

Everything was very dissimilar from Amritsar. He missed the Golden Temple’s incessant din of rickshaws, automobiles, and people. That noise had a very reassuring quality to it; he was accustomed to it and already missed it.

He made the decision to go through the pictures of his friends and family that he had packed. He crossed his knees as he sat on the ground and drew his bag toward him.

But just as he started to open the bag, he found that it had a tiny keyring on the zipper that was shaped like a tall skyscraper that he had seen the day before while driving to the airport.

When he opened the bag, a flash of gold appeared, resembling the opening of a pirate’s chest, and he spotted something shiny and recognizable inside.

An image of the Taj Mahal and another of the Golden Temple were in the bag. He felt much more lonesome because there were additional items from India. He took the icons out of the case and kissed them one by one before putting them back in the case.

He was overjoyed to see such recognisable items from his beloved India, but he was also extremely terrified. “This isn’t my purse!” How will I explain to Papa that I picked up the wrong suitcase at the airport?

A voice cried out abruptly from the hallway. Harjit’s father was there!

My son, wake up; it’s time to get ready for school, Harjit. I hope you are looking forward to meeting new people, picking up a new language, and trying out new cuisine.

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You have so much to discover and do! The doorway was suddenly filled with the smiling face of Harjit’s father. “Do you recall how we discussed this?” He questioned his son. You should find this quite exciting!

After making his final admission, Harjit rushed to his father and started sobbing in his arms.

“Son, don’t worry. You wait and see if everything is well today. You must have courage, self-assurance, and faith in your abilities. Get ready, then come downstairs with your mother and I to eat breakfast. We will soon have your bag as well after I call the airport. You’ll observe.

After breakfast was over, Harjit’s disposition much improved. In order for his father to transport him to school, he gave his mother a quick kiss before rushing out the door and into the car.

Harjit noted there were a number of kids waiting outside the school gates when they eventually arrived. Each one of them wore a sharp outfit, spoke French, and none of them wore a turban.

The young boy experienced extreme anxiety all of a sudden. When his father became aware of this alteration in his attitude, he extended his hand to his only son and said:

‘Let’s in and take a look around,’ I said. There is nothing to lose by simply looking. He said this while grinning, as if it were all some sort of grand adventure. Young Harjit felt much better after hearing this.

Harjit observed numerous images of the large metal edifice taped to the walls all around as they proceeded down a lengthy corridor.

As they passed by the previous evening on their way from the airport, he noticed the tiny keyring on the bag and all the people using their cameras. This building must be crucial to this area, Harjit reasoned to himself. I’m curious as to its name.

Harjit observed a boy sobbing on his own in the hallway as they waited in a big reception room for the headmaster to come out and see them. I recognised that boy from when I saw him at the airport the day before. Harjit pondered, struggling to hold back his shock. “That is the boy who was gazing at my turban,” she exclaimed.

Harjit grabbed his dad’s sleeve. Papa, take a look! The boy that was gazing at me yesterday is that one!

Why don’t you go and introduce yourself then? His father had an idea. Some folks are only inquisitive. They have no malicious intent.

Harjit made the daring decision to approach the youngster and smile at him. The boy looked at Harjit with a hint of embarrassment that he had been seen crying.

My name is Harjit; good day. I came yesterday from India. Do you speak English at all?

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I do speak a little English, the child admitted after a brief pause. Pierre here.

“Pierre, why are you depressed?” Harjit enquired.

Pierre continued by describing how he had recently returned from India following his family’s vacation. “I am scheduled to present to my class tomorrow so that I can share with everyone what I saw in India and show them all of the stuff I acquired along the trip, but I misplaced my suitcase at the airport and now I don’t know what to do,” the student said.

I don’t think so! yelled Harjit. “I believe I have your suitcase at home,” I said. I accidentally took it from the carousel.

Is that you from the carousel boy?

Harjit pointed with both of his thumbs at his chest and stated, “That’s me.”

They were able to hold a really good conversation while using their imperfect English. After some time, both of them significantly perked up. Harjit hurried up to his father to tell him everything as Pierre was relieved to have discovered the lost bag.

On that day, Pierre introduced Harjit to several new classmates and made sure he was fully informed about what to expect from his new school. Harjit inquired during lunch about the massive metal structure he had seen the previous evening and in all of the school photos.

Pierre remarked, scarcely masking his pride, “That is the Eiffel Tower.” Originally constructed for the World Exhibition to commemorate the French Revolution, it is now a fantastic tourist destination, and according to my mother, it is one of the most romantic places in the entire world.

Harjit returned home at the end of the day to tell his parents about his fantastic experience and everything he had discovered and shared. “Papa, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I have to say or where I come from, but I was wrong and you were right. It’s an adventure!

Harjit was almost too eager to sleep that night as he stretched out in his new bed and listened to the soft rumble of traffic in the street below. The following day, Pierre had requested him to speak up in front of the class and assist with an overview of India.

He was excited to learn about French culture and pick up a new language after making so many new acquaintances.

He still missed home, but he was starting to see how a little bravery, some compassion, and an open mind could help him become a better person. Indeed, this marked the beginning of a brand-new adventure!

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