Read A Kid’s Favorite Story About The Fairytale Of Cinderella

A girl by the name of Cinderella once resided with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Cinderella was forced to put in a full day of labor so the others may relax.

She was responsible for getting up every morning while it was still dark and chilly to light the fire. She was in charge of making the food.

She was in charge of maintaining the fire. From all the cinders and ashes near the fire, the poor girl was unable to maintain her cleanliness.

Her two stepsisters giggled, “What a mess!” She was given the nickname “Cinderella” as a result.

Major news broke one day. The King and Queen were planning a lavish celebration! The Prince needed to select a bride, and it was time. The young girls of the land were all invited.

They were ecstatic to the max! They would dress in their most stunning gown and style their hair especially well. The prince might like them, who knows?

She now had additional tasks to complete at Cinderella’s home. Two completely new dresses had to be made for her step-sisters.

One step-sister yelled, “Faster!”

One yelled, “You call it a dress?”

Oh, Cinderella exclaimed. When may I—

The stepmother walked briskly into the space. What time can you WHAT?

When will I have time to sew my own dress for the ball, the girl queried?

“You?” the stepmother shouted. Who said you were attending the ball, exactly?

One step-sister exclaimed, “What a chuckle!”

What a disaster! At Cinderella, they pointed. They all giggled.

“Maybe they see a mess when they look at me,” Cinderella thought to herself. But I’m not like that. And I would attend the ball if I could.

The stepmother and stepsisters had to leave for the big party soon.

Their luxurious carriage arrived at the door. Stepmother and stepsisters entered the vehicle. They then left.

Cinderella called, “Good-bye!” “Enjoy yourself!” However, neither her stepmother nor her stepsisters turned around to look at her.

“Ah, me,” lamented Cinderella. Down the street rode the carriage. I hope I could attend the ball, too, she stated out loud.

Next, Poof!

A fairy appeared in front of her out of nowhere.

You called?” the fairy asked.

Cinderella asked, “Did I?” Identify yourself.

Of course, your Fairy Godmother! I am aware of your desire. And I’m here to give it.”

Cinderella argued that her wish was unattainable.

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The Fairy Godmother huffed, “Excuse me! “Did I not just appear out of nowhere?”

Yes, you did, Cinderella affirmed.

Then let me to declare what is feasible or not!

You probably already know that I also want to attend the ball. She turned to look at her soiled attire.

But take a peek at me.

The Fairy Godmother remarked, “You do look a bit of a mess, child.

The girl remarked, “I would have no means to get there, even if I had anything wonderful to wear.”

All of that is feasible, the Fairy assured her. She then tapped Cinderella’s head with her wand.

Cinderella was immediately spotless. She was wearing a stunning blue gown. Her hair was arranged in a band of gold, high on her head.

This is fantastic, Cinderella exclaimed.

The Fairy Godmother questioned, “Who said I was finished?” She gave her wand another tap. Immediately, a stunning carriage with a driver and four white horses appeared.

Looking about her, Cinderella questioned, “Am I dreaming?

As real as it possibly can be, the Fairy Godmother declared. You need to be aware of one thing, though.

Whoa, what’s that?

“All of this only continues till midnight. At midnight tonight, everything will be over. Everything will return to its previous state.

Consequently, I must make sure to leave the ball before 1:00am! Cinderella said.

Good thought, the Fairy Godmother said. She took a step back. “My job is finished,” The Fairy Godmother then vanished with a bang.

Cinderella perused her surroundings. Did that really occur? But there she was, dressed elegantly and with a golden band in her hair. Her driver and her four horses were waiting in front of her.

“Coming?” the driver said.

She entered the carriage with a step. They then left.

The Prince wasn’t sure what to think while he was at the ball. The Queen asked her son, “Why do you have that sorrowful look on your face? “Look all around you! There aren’t any finer maidens than them.

Mother, I understand,” the Prince answered. But he was aware that something was awry. Many of the young women he had met. But after greeting each person, he ran out of things to say.

“Look!” The entrance door was pointed out. ‘Who’s that?’

Every head turned. Who was that pretty young woman coming down the stairs? She had a proud posture and an authentic appearance. She was unknown, though.

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The Prince thought to himself, “She has something. I’ll request that she dance. He then made his way over to Cinderella.

Have we met?” the Prince asked.

Cinderella bowed and said, “I’m glad to meet you now.

The Prince said, “I feel like I know you. However, that is obviously impossible.

If you want something bad enough, Cinderella said, “Many things are possible.”

The Prince had a heartbeat jump. He danced with Cinderella. They danced once more once the song ended. They continued to dance after that. The other ballroom maidens soon developed jealousies. They questioned, “Why does he dance with her all the time?” How impolite!

Cinderella was all the Prince could see, though. They conversed and danced while also laughing. They danced for so long, in fact, that Cinderella failed to notice the time.

The clock proclaimed, “Dong!”

Cindrella raised her head.

The clock once more rang out, “Dong!”

She once more raised her head. Oh my, she exclaimed. Almost midnight is here.

The clock rang out, “Dong!”

Why is that important, the Prince questioned.

The clock proclaimed, “Dong!”

I must leave,” exclaimed Cinderella.

The clock rang out, “Dong!”

But we just met, the Prince exclaimed. Why leave right now?

The clock rang out, “Dong!”

Cinderella exclaimed, “I have to go!” To the stairs she ran.

The clock proclaimed, “Dong!”

The Prince said, “I cannot hear you. The timepiece is very loud.

The clock rang out, “Dong!”

Cinderella said, “Bye!” She ran up and up the steps.

The clock rang out, “Dong!”

Please pause for a bit, the Prince pleaded.

She exclaimed, “Oh, dear!” as one of her glass slippers slipped off on the staircase. Cinderella, though, kept advancing.

The clock proclaimed, “Dong!”

The Prince pleaded with them to hold on a second.

The clock rang out, “Dong!”

“Goodbye!” One final time, Cinderella turned. After that, she hastened out the door.

“Dong!” The time was silent. Late at night.

The Prince yelled out, “Wait!” He raced out the door while holding her glass slipper. He searched the area, but he did not find her blue dress.

He looked down at the glass slipper and remarked, “This is all I have left from her. He noticed that it was uniquely constructed to fit a foot unlike any other.

The other glass slipper is out there, he said. “And I’ll find her when I find it, too. Afterward, I will propose to her!

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The Prince travelled from hut to hut and from house to house. After another young lady tried to slip her foot inside the glass slipper. No, however, could fit. The Prince then continued.

The Prince eventually visited Cinderella’s home.

One step-sister yelled out as she peered out the window, “He is coming!”

The other step-sister cried, “At the door!”

The stepmother cried, “Quick!” “Be prepared! To put your foot in the slipper, one of you must do it. In any case!”

The Prince shook a door. Stepmother quickly flung open the door. Come in, she yelled. “Please see my two beautiful girls.”

The initial stepsister made an attempt to put her foot into the glass slipper. Despite her best efforts, it just did not fit. The second step-sister then attempted to insert her foot. She put all of her effort into trying, too. No luck, though.

Are there no further young women living there? The Prince stated.

None,” the stepmother answered.

So I must leave,” the Prince responded.

Cinderella entered the room and said, “Perhaps there is one more.”

The Prince remarked, “I thought you said there were no other young women here.

Nobody who matters, the stepmother hissed.

Come here, the Prince commanded.

Cinderella approached him. The Prince placed the glass slipper on her foot and dropped down on one knee. It was a fantastic fit! Then Cinderella pulled something out of her pocket. The second glass slipper was there!

He shouted out, “I knew it. You are the chosen one.

“WHAT?” A step-sister yelled.

The other step-sister shouted, “Not HER!

The stepmother shouted, “This cannot BE!

It was too late, though. The prince recognised Cinderella as the perfect match. He fixed his gaze on hers. He didn’t notice the ashes on her face or the cinders in her hair.

I’ve found you, he exclaimed.

And I’ve found you, Cinderella said.

As a result, Cinderella and the Prince were wed, and they had a successful marriage.

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