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When Yasin was still a small child, his family made the move from Iraq to England. Yasin did not want to leave his home in Samarra, but his father insisted that doing so was beneficial for the family because it was no longer safe to do so and because he wanted Yasin to raise his son in a nation that was accepting of all people.

Yasin’s father explained to his son that England was a multicultural nation where people of all races and religions coexisted and worked together.

Yasin did not enjoy leaving Iraq, but he quickly adapted to life in a large metropolis named London. With its tall structures and museums, London was quite interesting. Yasin particularly enjoyed the London Planetarium and the large River Thames with all of its historic bridges.

Yasin even became friends with Andrew, a child who lived next door. Andrew and Yasin spent the entire summer with Andrew’s mother playing in the park or visiting the zoo.

Yasin was given access to Andrew’s toys and comics, and Andrew told Yasin all about his favourite superheroes. Even better, they created a camp in Yasin’s backyard where they could hide from adults.

The summer was enjoyable, and despite London being a very large city and not being nearly as sunny and hot as Samarra, young Yasin quickly felt at home there.

Even though there were many words that Yasin did not understand and he frequently felt foolish because he couldn’t speak as well as he would like, his English improved steadily, especially with Andrew’s assistance.

Yasin’s father informed his son that it was time to leave for school when September finally arrived and the leaves started to fall from the trees. Since Yasin was seven years old, he would be entering the third grade at the neighbourhood primary school alongside his friend Andrew.

Yasin was really anxious about starting school, but his parents reassured him that it would be a wonderful environment where he would make lots of new friends and learn a lot of exciting new things.

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Yasin’s mother remarked that “English schools are reported to be very good.”

His father promised, “And your English would get better in no time.”

Yasin was still not sure, but when Andrew knocked on the door that morning, beaming broadly and gushing about how much fun school was going to be, Yasin began to believe his friend more.

All the way to the school gates, the two youngsters conversed. Yasin was told by Andrew about the playground, the best instructor, the most entertaining males, the most attractive girls, and how custard for pudding was frequently provided at noon.

Yasin had no idea what custard was, but she assumed it must be delicious because Andrew seemed so enthusiastic about it.

However, things did not turn out the way Yasin had anticipated when the boys arrived for their class. As she introduced Yasin to the other students, the teacher instructed Andrew to take a seat at the front of the class.

One of the boys exclaimed that he was a smelly foreigner, and he disliked taking the stage in front of the class. When Yasin was asked to state his name and where he was from, the guys and girls all laughed, and another lad then made fun of Yasin’s accent.

“Miss, I don’t understand him. The unpleasant boy added, “He doesn’t even speak English.

Yasin was finally permitted to sit in the rear of the class, but he wished that he was next to Andrew since he felt incredibly alone.

Yasin was uncomfortable with the way the girl seated next to him kept staring at him, so she raised her hand and requested the teacher if she might switch seats during the lecture. Yasin was baffled as to how his actions had hurt the girl.

It was time to enter the playground when the bell rang. The kids put their books away, put their coats on, and walked out the door into the dazzling October light. Yasin was temporarily held back by the teacher, who then gave him a name-badge to attach to his jumper.

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She grinned and said, “There you go.” “Now all the kids will be able to learn your name,” she said.

When Yasin entered the playground, the kids started pointing and giggling because they felt the badge was stupid.

A young guy with blond, curly hair remarked, “You’ve got a girl’s name.”

Although he was too anxious, Yasin wanted to clarify that it wasn’t a girl’s name. Yasin’s English was not particularly excellent, and the words frequently got stuck in his throat when he became anxious.

He wanted to leave the playground and go back to his parents since he was so depressed, vowing never to go to school again. But just as he turned to go, he heard a recognizable voice.

Hello, Yasin. And there, standing next to him, was Andrew as he looked up.

Andrew shook his head as he observed the kids gathered nearby. He questioned, “What’s up with you lot?” I informed my friend Yasin that I like going to school. Why do you want to spoil everything for him?

A very tall female who was in the front of the throng remarked, “He’s odd.

So are you, Andrew said. Since you are the tallest female in the entire school, do you mind when people tease you?

Then Andrew turned to face the young man with the wavy hair. He added to the boy, “And you don’t like it when people say you have girl’s hair.” “What makes us intriguing is that we are all distinct from one another.” What kind of world would we live in if everyone was exactly like us?

The youngsters all fell silent.

Yasin then raised his head high. He grinned and remarked, “Boring.”

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With a smile back for his pal, Andrew remarked, “That’s right.” “Really dull!”

The kids all started laughing after that.

They exchanged a chorus of “Really boring” between them.

Andrew continued by describing how he had spent the summer with Yasin, how they had constructed a camp together, played in the park, and how Yasin preferred Batman to Superman. He also revealed that Yasin was truly different from other kids because he didn’t even enjoy hotdogs!

The kids continued to laugh, and soon everyone was discussing how they were all unique from one another. Peter Jenkins even unzipped his sweater to reveal a sizable purple birthmark on the front of his belly to the crowd.

He exulted, “Now that’s what I call different.” None of you have a large birthmark like mine, I wager!

When the break was ended, Andrew raised his hand in class and proposed to the instructor that they spend the session discussing how wonderful it was that everyone was so unique from one another and how people came to England from all over the world to start a new life, just like his friend Yasin.

The teacher concurred that having one’s own identity was crucial and praised Britain as a whole for being such a diverse nation.

Yasin committed to learning these two words and keeping them in his memory by writing them down in his book. In his work, he also spelled out the word “friend.”

He already understood what that meant, but he felt so fortunate to have a wonderful buddy like Andrew who stood up for others and did not condemn them based only on their differences that he just wanted to put it down.

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