Story For Kids About Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Story For Kids About Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: In order to provide his wife with adequate firewood to prepare the stew for dinner, Ali Baba went outside every evening to collect twigs and branches.

Ali Baba once went further than normal in his search for twigs that had fallen from the trees that grew next to the rocky cliffs near the tall hills.

He heard a loud clatter of hooves on the rocky path suddenly. He was terrified. He ascended the closest tree and hid in the underbrush.

Despite being well hidden, he was able to look through the foliage. He was shocked to see a lengthy line of men riding one behind the other in a horseback formation.

While they were riding near the tree where he was hiding, Ali Baba counted them.

He continued counting until he reached forty: “One… two… three… four,” and many, many more.

The group of forty riders eventually came to a steep face. They dismounted and took the saddlebags off the backs of their horses. The swelling of the bags was noted by Ali Baba.

Maybe there’s treasure in those sacks, Ali Baba mused. “These folks are robbers and thieves.” Perhaps they are getting ready to hide their wealth.

Behind their commander, the thieves formed a line. They stood just in front of the rough, precipitous precipice.

“How foolish!” Ali Baba pondered. “There is no place here to bury wealth.”

One of the riders then made a loud noise.

He screamed, “Open Sesame!”

A hidden door in the rock suddenly opened. A secret cave was entered by the forty motorcyclists. They intended to conceal the looted treasure.

The commander yelled, “Close Sesame!” once everyone was inside.

The stealers were safely hidden inside when the hidden door shut once more.

As soon as the riders emerged from the cave once more, Ali Baba hid in his treetop and waited. To make sure they were all gone, he carefully counted.

“One… two… three… four,” and many, many, many more up until he was 39.

The leader was the last to arrive. He yelled, “Close Sesame!” once again as he stood outside the cave.

The hidden rock door shut.

Ali Baba took a look through the foliage. The door’s flawless integration into the rock astounds the man.

The robbers saddled their horses with the empty saddlebags. They then each left on their own.

In order to confirm that everyone had left, Ali Baba tallied. “One… two… three… four,” and countless, countless more till he became forty. He continued listening until he heard no more hoofbeats, at which point he knew he was secure.

Ali Baba descended the tree and ascended to the rocky outcropping. He was curious to see if using the unique word would cause the magic door to open for him. Would he have the courage to try?

Ali Baba remained still. He turned to face the craggy cliff. He considered the forty thieves as well as all of the loot in the cave. Nothing could be heard by him at all.

Finally, he made the decision, “I must be safe now. I’ll be bold and speak the magic words aloud.

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Ali Baba then moved toward the rough cliff.

He exclaimed, “Open Sesame.” The door slid open.

Ali Baba could make out the descent by steps. The stairway was lit by tiny oil-burning lamps. Just as he started to walk down the stairs, he suddenly remembered. To close the enchanted door, the gang’s leader uttered two words.

Ali Baba made the decision to also close the mystical door. Anyone else seeing the entrance to the treasure cave would not be a good thing.

“Stop Sesame!” The mystical door closed as he sobbed.

Ali Baba then snuck down the stone steps till he found the cave holding the wealth. He was in awe as he looked all around.

Thousands of brilliant gems of every kind, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones, were piled high. Then, gold appeared! When Ali Baba saw the enormous stacks of gold coins, his eyes widened in awe.

Ali Baba, though, lacked greed. He had no interest in the emeralds, rubies, or diamonds. Despite being a poor man, Ali Baba had no desire to collect all of the gold coins. He only desired one tiny gold coin. With that much, he could feed his family and himself.

Ali Baba then went back up the stone steps after taking one tiny coin. He inhaled deeply when he reached the summit.

Say “Open Sesame!” He exhaled.

The miraculous door opened right away. Ali Baba heaved a sigh of relief and ran outdoors. He then turned and uttered the spell.

“Stop Sesame!”

The entrance slid shut. Ali Baba had no danger.

There was something, nevertheless, that Ali Baba was unaware of. Kassim, his brother, had also come to look for firewood. Kassim had witnessed Ali Baba speaking some mystical words as he emerged from the cave. He had witnessed the mystical rock door shut.

Alas, Ali Baba! My sibling! What is the magic I just witnessed?

Ali Baba revealed everything to his brother. Kassim was forewarned that the forty thieves might show up at any moment. They each quickly gathered armfuls of firewood and made their way to their respective homes.

When Ali Baba received his one, tiny gold coin, he was happy. One tiny gold coin made his wife happy, too. Kassim, on the other hand, was not happy with the home next door.

He was a glutton. Kassim detailed his younger brother’s adventure to his wife. His wife did not like it. She shared her husband’s greed.

“Kassim,” she said. “Return to the jagged cliffs and utter the magic words.” Bring me some jewellery and gold coins from the cave by going down there. I desire a great number of gold coins. She gave him a sizable bag to hold all the loot.

Kassim followed his wife’s advice. He hurried back to the rocks after grabbing the bag.

He uttered the secret phrase in front of the cliff. Say “Open Sesame!”

Kassim rushed inside as soon as the covert door unlocked.

He said the secret phrase to shut the door. “Stop Sesame!”

The tiny oil lamps remained glowing. The staircase leading to the treasure cave was visible to Kassim. He hurriedly descended the stone steps.

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Kassim’s eyes shone with avarice as he gazed upon the glittering gems and gleaming gold. He started shoving money and diamonds into his bag. There was no place for any more treasure as it quickly became completely full.

Kassim was so ecstatic that terrible things occurred. He misplaced the secret phrase! Running up the stone steps, Kassim arrived at the magic door and took a position.

Say “Open Barley!” He sobbed.

Nothing took place.

Opening Oats!

Nothing took place.

Kassim was anxious.

I’m sure that was food, he thought to himself. He therefore tried every option that came to mind.

Wheat, open! Start Rye! Pumpkin, open up! Melon, open up!

Something far more terrible transpired at that precise moment. The thieves who had taken the wealth stood there as the enchanted door slid open.

‘Robbers!’ Kassim exclaimed. The leader drew his sword before he could count them. He pointed his curved, razor-sharp blade at Kassim.

The leader of the thieves noticed that Kassim’s bag was overflowing with their loot.

Kassim collapsed on the ground after being pierced by his sword and was unable to get up again.

Kassim’s wife was concerned that evening when her husband failed to return with any loot. She visited Ali Baba right next door.

After hearing her tale, Ali Baba feared the worst. He told her, “I’d best go look for him.”

He feared that Kassim had been discovered by the thieves.

With a lantern in hand, Ali Baba climbed into the rough mountains in search of his brother. Kassim’s body was on the ground in front of the secret cave.

Ali Baba picked up his brother and brought him home so that his family may properly bury him.

The robbers brought additional loot they had stolen back to their secret cave the following day. The dead body of the man the bandits killed was supposed to be there, but it wasn’t!

‘Stop! Wait!’ The boss sobbed. The trails where the body had been removed were visible when he knelt down to inspect the ground.

He said to the others, “We must swiftly bury our riches.” I have to adhere to these tunes. It appears that someone else is aware of our covert location.

Sharpen your swords at home. Make tomorrow’s fight ready. Hire a powerful donkey and a large cart. Purchase 39 sizable olive oil jars that can be used as cover.

Create a hole in each lid to allow the jar to breathe with fresh air. Make sure everything is prepared, then meet me here at dawn tomorrow.

The leader of the 39 thieves followed the tracks to Ali Baba’s home while the others followed what he had instructed.

When I return tomorrow, the thief thought to himself. “I’m going to pose as a retailer of premium olive oil. I’ll leave my cart of olive oil jars in this man’s yard before going to his door and knocking. My thieves will rush in ready for battle when I yell, “Olive oil,” their swords readied.

He was unaware that Ali Baba’s maid, Morgiana, had discreetly exited the house through the rear door. Every word the man murmured to himself was heard by her.

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He kept repeating himself. I’ll be carrying 39 jugs of olive oil in my cart. I’ll put a man holding a sharp sword inside each jar. The man laughed vilely. “The man inside won’t know what hit him when he opens the door!”

To inform Ali Baba of what she had heard, Morgiana slipped back into the residence. She started by saying, “I have a plan,” and then she revealed what it was to Ali Baba.

The thieves’ leader was waiting for them early the following day. On the waggon, there were 39 large jars. Each jar of unopened olive oil contained a man. Each jar’s top was covered by their leader’s hand.

The hefty cart was transported to Ali Baba’s home by a reliable donkey. The leader of the thieves left his cart in Ali Baba’s yard. He went and rapped on the door after that.

Ali Baba let the door open.

You sell olive oil, right? said he. “Excellent, that is exactly what we need.” I’ll purchase a jar from you. Come in and join us for a drink first, and I’ll pay you well.

Although he was happy to receive a drink, the man was unaware that Morgiana had added sleeping powder to the beverage.

Morgiana entered the yard quietly. She used a serving of soft cheese that she had with her to cover every opening in the jars used for breathing. The robbers slumped into the bottom of their jars as they ran out of fresh air to breathe.

Morgiana then sprinted to the village Sheikh’s home. When she was led inside, she knocked on the door courteously and gave her account.

“Evil men visited Ali Baba’s home.” They were prepared to kill him when they arrived, but I was able to trap and fool them.

They have been robbing travellers on the highway leading to our community. In all the nearby towns and villages, people have been the victims of theft.

The guards were summoned by the Sheikh. The forty robbers were apprehended when they went to Ali Baba’s home.

The Sheikh remarked, “My dungeon is deep and has numerous chambers. There is sufficient room to keep them there for a very, very long period. They consider bread, water, and a surface made of hard stone to be sufficient.

Ali Baba then returned to the hamlet carrying all the treasure, accompanied by the guards. The Sheikh made an effort to give the money and diamonds back to their proper owners. Ultimately, there was some loot left over. The Sheikh then gave Ali Baba and Morgiana what was left.

The son of Ali Baba developed feelings for Morgiana. She ultimately wed him, and Ali Baba and his family were pleased at the conclusion of this tale.

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