The Legendary Story Of Hansel and Gretel – Kids Story

The Legendary Story Of Hansel and Gretel – Kids Story: Once upon a time, a poor woodcutter lived. Together with his two children and second wife, he resided in a little village close to a forest. Hansel and Gretel were the names of the kids. Gretel’s older sibling was Hansel.

They ran out of food one day. He was informed by the woodcutter’s wife that they needed to send the kids into the woods. She desired their permanent loss. After that, she and the woodcutter could eat more.

Hansel overheard his evil stepmother spouting off. He walked outside and collected tiny white stones for his pockets.

The woodcutter and his wife brought the kids into the forest the following day. The woodcutter was reluctant to leave his kids, but his wife persuaded him to do so.

As a result, Hansel and Gretel were abandoned.

It became colder as night fell. Gretel started sobbing.

Hansel assured them, “Hold my hand, and I’ll get us home.

Hansel had left a trail of white stones as they had entered the forest that morning. Fortunately, the moon was shining, and it illuminated the white stones. The kids took the path back home.

When the woodcutter’s wife noticed the kids, she became enraged. She yelled at her husband, ordering him to lead the kids back into the woods where they would become lost. The woodcutter was angry, but he feared his wife more. He agreed to follow her instructions.

Hansel seized a piece of bread as they were pushed out the door. Hansel threw breadcrumbs into the woodland while they were returning there. He hoped to take the trail home once more.

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The children’s father whispered an explanation when they reached the centre of the woodland and informed them that he had to depart.

Once more, night fell, but there was no moon this time. At the base of a large tree, the kids cuddled up and dozed off until daylight.

The next day, Hansel assured her, “Don’t worry.” “We’ll follow the bread path home,” someone said.

The bread trace, however, was missing. The birds that would devour the crumbs hadn’t crossed Hansel’s mind. The kids were actually lost this time.

The young people explored the forest on foot. They searched for a while before discovering a quirky small cottage in the middle of some trees. It appeared to be composed of gingerbread and covered in frosting.

Hansel tore a section of the wall down. It tasted excellent, so he ate it!

Gretel then shattered a piece of the window sill. It was delicious!

More pieces were broken off, including biscuits, cookies, and candy.

The door burst open, and an elderly woman emerged. Oh no, she wasn’t a kind elderly lady! A witch, she was!

Have extra food, the witch advised. “Enter now!”

Gretel and Hansel were content to devour more food. Hansel and Gretel had a lot to eat thanks to the witch. She provided them with a tonne of food! She provided them with with too much food!

The two kids were going to be baked in the witch’s oven and eaten!

She believed that if they weren’t so thin, they would taste better. She yearned to gorge herself on them once they had gained weight.

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The witch fed the kids a lot each day for several weeks.

She put Hansel in a cage and forced Gretel clean the house. She would beg to squeeze Hansel’s finger every night so she could feel how fat he was getting.

The witch’s vision was poor. She couldn’t just stare at Hansel; she had to touch his finger.

But Hansel was shrewd. He always carried a broken chicken bone with him. He gave the witch that each night instead of his finger to pinch. The witch was upset that Hansel didn’t appear to gain weight.

The witch eventually became weary of waiting for Hansel to gain weight. She turned on the oven so she could roast the boy and prepare a delicious feast.

She flung open the oven door and took a look inside to make sure it was hot.

Gretel hurried across the room and pushed the witch into the oven as she knelt down. The young child shut the oven door! CLANG! The witch had been caught!

Gretel looked about the cookie hut. It was stuffed with chocolates and pastries. She discovered gold-filled chests in one room.

Hansel’s prison key was discovered by Gretel. She freed her brother. The kids set off after putting as much gold as they could carry in their pockets.

The kids combed the forest for two full days. They eventually located their house and ran into their father.

When he saw them, he was delighted and informed them that their stepmother had left. Hansel and Gretel had gotten back to their house. Never again were they in need or in poverty.

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