The Story Of Ali Kids Wonderful Stories

There was was a couple who had a son they named Ali.

His parents weren’t expecting a kid since when he was delivered, he was no bigger than a thumb!

Both the mother and father were initially very outraged, but they then realised,

God has blessed us with this, and one day our son will become a tall, powerful boy.

But as the years went by, Ali showed no signs of development. He continued to be as small as a thumb.

The mother would put her son’s place at the table for dinner each night.

He would be given a little plate with a spoonful of soup on it from her.

A single drop of water was added to Ali’s little cup by his mother.

When the family was at home, everything ran smoothly, but the mother and father were ashamed of their son because they believed someone would tease him if they saw him. So they kept him indoors, always out of sight.

After several more years, Ali finally had his twentieth birthday.

He was still about the size of a thumb, but his voice was now incredibly loud and deep.

In fact, if their boy ever spoke, anybody who heard him would mistakenly believe it was the voice of a huge man.

Ali was a lonely teenager who spent all of his time hiding inside his parents’ house because he had no friends.

One day, Ali’s father was preparing to head to the nearby town’s market. The old man would not be able to go there and back before midnight, so he intended to spend the night in a hotel.

When Ali begged his father to accompany them on the trip, his father expressed great trepidation.

We’ve never taken you out before, and I’m not sure I can do it right now, he added. How can I keep you safe and keep you hidden from others?

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In his deep, booming reply, Ali said, “It will be simple. “No one will ever know I’m in your pocket, so you can keep me there.” You can cut a little hole in the fabric for me so I can breathe, see what’s going on, and take in all the new things the world has to offer.

Ali’s father understood how thrilled Ali was about leaving the house, and as a result, he found it difficult to say no to his one and only son.

The elderly man helped Ali in through a little hole he created in his shirt pocket.

The mother gave them both a kiss, gave them their travel bags, and wished them luck before handing them over. The next town’s market was the next stop for Ali and his father.

Ali and his father arrived at the hotel by the side of the road after a day of travel.

The father remarked, “We will book a room here for the night, and tomorrow we will visit the market early in the morning before going home.”

Ali gasped, “I can’t believe I get to stay in a hotel.”

Because he had already seen so much on his journey and had never slept anyplace else than his house, the young man was extremely excited.

After paying for a room, Ali’s father carried his things upstairs to get ready for dinner.

The elderly guy went down to the dining room after unpacking and cleaning up, hoping to smuggle some food for his young son as well. Ali was still concealed in his pocket.

Then something happened that was pretty unexpected. A trio of burglars broke into the hotel just as everyone was seated for dinner.

The three intimidating men demanded that every man and woman hand up their money and any valuables they had while pointing their pistols at them.

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Even Ali’s father was terrified, but they all followed instructions and started reaching for their wallets and jewellery, setting them on the tables so the robbers could take them.

Out of nowhere, there was an abruptly loud and deep voice.

‘Drop your guns!’ commanded the voice. “I’m going in there, I’m going to catch you, and I’m going to turn you over to the police,” he said.

Nobody could identify the voice’s source. The burglars searched the dining area thoroughly but were unable to locate anyone.

The voice then reappeared, this time more louder. I’ll make you pay for your bad behaviour. I’ll make sure you’re behind bars for a very long time.

The robbers believed a ghost must be speaking because they were unable to determine where the voice was coming from.

The robbers were frightened of ghosts even more than they were of the cops.

The robbers suddenly dropped their weapons, fled the hotel, and vanished into the darkness.

The visitors were relieved that the thieves had escaped, but they too were terrified of ghosts and sought to hide in their rooms.

Do not be concerned, Ali’s father advised. “This voice is not a ghost,” I said. My son is there.

The elderly man then let Ali to climb into his hand by reaching inside his pocket. He then gently set Ali on the table so that everyone could say hi.

With a broad smile on his face from all the fun he was having, Ali stated in his deep, booming voice, “I am sure the robbers will not return.”

When the guests met a boy who was hardly bigger than a thumb, they were both shocked and intrigued.

The fact that Ali had saved them from the thieves, however, was what they were all most thankful for. They all shook Ali’s hand in appreciation and told him how proud his father must be to have such a brave son.

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Ali’s father grabbed his young son out of his pocket and put him up on his shoulder as they departed the hotel in the morning for the market.

The old man had to stop frequently both at the market all morning and on the way home to introduce Ali to onlookers. He then informed them all, with great pride, how his son had protected them all from the three thieves.

Ali’s mother appeared very concerned that her son was sitting up on her husband’s shoulder when the father and boy got home that evening.

What if someone saw him? she questioned her husband.

However, the elderly guy grinned and told his wife about the misadventures they had at the hotel, including how Ali had rescued the day by scaring the burglars away.

“Shamed of our son has been a very big error,” he said. We were wrong to keep him hidden inside the house for so long. Ali is capable of so many things, and we should be proud of him.

When Ali’s mother learned of her son’s bravery, she was undoubtedly very pleased and vowed never to again hide him or be ashamed of him.

Since that day, Ali Thumb has always accompanied his parents wherever they go, riding on their shoulders as they see, do, and experience new things.

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