This Haryanvi Dancer Surprised People With Her Dance

This Haryanvi Dancer Surprised People With Her Dance

You’ve probably heard of the well-known Haryana dancer RC Upadhyay at some point. Today, RC Upadhyay is well-known throughout the nation. His video keeps going viral with a vengeance.

Every day, she posts new videos and pictures to social media. A new song of his is getting really well-liked in this situation. She is standing out with her dance in this scene.

You won’t be able to stop swinging once you’ve seen this footage of him. These days, dancers like Priyanka Chaudhary and RC Upadhyay are becoming extremely popular.

People’s attention is firmly focused on both of them as they dance in this setting. RC Upadhyay stirs up controversy with his videos, but this time it’s his havoc that’s causing a lot of anxiety. This time as well, people have fallen in love with his style.

With her dances and latke shakes, RC Upadhyay is driving people crazy and has gained popularity. When she performs in front of a crowd, they whistle and applaud. People also showered them with cash.

People are compelled to dance to his deadly style after watching this video of him repeatedly. Many people have taken to her after seeing this footage of her. In this instance, Sapna Chaudhary is also used to compare RC Upadhyay.

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